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Comment Re: God this guy in an idiot (Score 0) 311

Tough, rap is music. This is the same as people arguing over what is art.

"Electronic" is a type of instrument, not a type of music.

Here's a song from my favourite band:

Ok, bands. (catchy band name, right?)

I accept half of this is dance music, but only if death metal counts as rock.

Comment Re:That'll work well with automated vehicles.. (Score 1) 602

It's nothing like "shared space" in the Netherlands.

A huge proportion of road in the UK has no white lines anyway, it's either too narrow, or they are in a built-up area with low speeds expected. Self-driving cars will have to deal with this.

Here, they are removing some lines from slightly larger roads in built-up areas, to make them feel more dangerous. That makes drivers slow down.

Plenty of driving has a net-negative effect on society, so by your economic argument we should be slowing down and reducing traffic even more.

Comment Re:Tiny? (Score 2) 165

1500 pieces, mostly bricks but enough windows, wheels etc. And lots more colours than there used to be.

That's the largest, but there are a few sizes of the same thing, and in a Lego shop you can buy individual bricks by volume. I don't see what more they could do — there'd be no point having 50 no-particular-theme sets.

Comment Re:Yes, it's time. (Score 1) 702

There's nothing wrong with different colours. Most European currencies have different colours, and they don't tarnish like the Sacajawea dollar does.

Odd-number polygons are better, so the coins can have constant diameter. That's easier for a vending machine to detect.

Changing the metal can be useful for more valuable coins. The £1 coin is quite thick, and makes a satisfying "clunk" if you tap it on wood, which the "copper" [plated steel] 1p and 2p don't.


Comment Re:Nothing to do with American Tech Industry (Score 1) 460

"That said, the city is considering bringing in new rules to prevent Uber from fairly competing with other types of taxi drivers."

Name these mysterious laws specifically targeting Uber, because you are talking rubbish.

There's a proposal that a booked car may not arrive within 5 minutes of the booking, to keep the black cab's 'instant' appeal.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with American Tech Industry (Score 1) 460

Ticketing is, indeed, the hardest part.

In some countries it's simple. The bus looks like it's 25 years old, and the driver (or conductor) takes cash. This worked for me in Vietnam, Georgia, Albania and Ecuador. (Only Vietnam had understandable maps and signage, and then only for the trains.)

In London, you can pay with any contactless debit or credit card (or phone). It's not especially clear what the cost will be, unless you look it up on a website or in the guide book. There's a disadvantage as some foreign banks charge per foreign transaction, but it certainly makes things simpler.

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