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Comment smart host maybe (Score 1) 405

I did this a long time ago but gave up MANY years ago when I set up google docs/mail for my domain. I forget t he details, but I believe you can receive email to your MX and send it through comcast mail servers as a smart host of something. you'd be able to connect to them being on comcasts network; meanwhile they'll off and send your mail to world+dog and should be allowed since I highly doubt gmail, etc. are block email from Comcast mail servers themselves; probably just the masses of addresses reserved for clients. It might circumvent most of your problems while allowing you to still host your own mail. Good luck.

Comment Never again (Score 1) 215

I funded DCS: WWII and the third party developer folded. It's only by the good graces of Eagle Dynamics that any of us are seeing anything for our money. The DCS: MiG-21 by another third party on Indiegogo had some other nonsense where someone backed out and only thanks to a group within who didn't see any of the money from Indiegogo are they getting anything for their money. (I did not back this one and am not up on the full story). Also backed Torment: Tides of Numenera. Original date was December 2014. Now they're saying December 2015. I have my doubts that I'll even see it then. Also, after being screwed first hand twice and seeing another one in the same gaming community I'm done with kickstarting video games. I've gotten physical stuff (wallet, pressy) relatively close to promised dates. Yet video games are folding and delaying like nobodies business. There have also been other big failures in the news where people ended up with jack and squat. So, basically I blame this on the groups that had no hope of producing anything and still took peoples money. This is why people are weary.

Comment Re:Redhat needs packages (Score 2) 182

I have no idea whatsoever why this is modded insightful. Maybe you can shed some light on what newer packages does centos have that rhel doesn't? Looking at and centosplus, contrib, and extras barely have more than a handful of packages together. Even testing is mostly just autocorr and libreoffice...

Comment so be less restrictive (Score 1) 270

Hell, I'll do it. Especially if I can fly A-10's. Pay to fix my eyes, give me a decent paycheck, commission me, and I'm onboard. I'm prior service and now college educated, so you're getting a deal the way I see it. But then I'm probably too old (if only a little) and they'll probably make a big stink out of me having Crohn's disease, despite enlisting and serving 4 years with it in the USMC no problem. But that's the problem. They're beggars and choosers, so people like me who would practically pay to fly fighter jets instead do something else.

Comment Re:As Always (Score 3, Interesting) 81

reports can be sent via http. Use foreman if you want a pretty interface, run passenger, choose any port you want.

For that matter do the same with puppet. You can run it on port 80 or 443 using passenger. You'll just have to customize your client config to use the same... so I don't really know why this is any sort of big deal for you.

Anyway, with foreman you can easily see if systems are out of sync, if they're erroring, etc. Might be a little unusual to do it running the way described in the previous post, but should be manageable if you really really really can't get it to work through the existing firewall configs. I've heard of people doing it when they've hit walls scaling as well. And foreman can do a lot more, though it doesn't have to. We started out using it just for the reports portion and facts searching...

Comment Uh (Score 1) 656

Maybe you should take some writing courses. That paragraph sounds like a 16 year old venting.

I was terrible at Calculus. I got a D in Calculus the first time I took the class. I had to drop out of Calculus II because I couldn't understand a damn thing. It ultimately led to me dropping out because I couldn't get the degree I wanted without going through those classes all over again. But, I finally grew the hell up and decided that just like everyone else who got a CS degree before me, I was going to pass Calculus I and II.

After a long break I finally, perhaps somewhat insanely, decided to take two accelerated evening courses over the summer at UMass Boston. 12 weeks for Calculus I & II. An entire calculus book. It was pure hell. When I wasn't working I was either in class or doing homework. I literally got 1 hour of sleep some nights. Literally sleeping standing up on the train going into the city for work the next morning. Having fun on the weekends? Forget it. Friday night to Monday morning was homework time. I was deficient on Trig and Algebra knowledge, so I had to teach all that to myself as well as I went. I shall forever refer to that as the summer of calculus.

I ended up joining the Marine Corps after that summer. But I learned a simple lesson from that as well. They give you every chance to succeed. It's up to you if you want to take it. I also got the G.I. Bill, which in the end allowed me to afford my courses more easily and accelerate the pace at which I took them. But it's the same thing. They give you every chance to succeed and it's up to you to take them up on it.

And for whatever reason Linear Algebra had the Calc classes as prerequisites for it, and I ended up absolutely loving that class. I also got serious and got my degree. Calc I, Calc II, Linear Algrebra, and Discrete Math, all under my belt.

You're not special. Do what everyone else did. Someday if you're the dean or run the CS/Math department at some university you can alter the requirements if you think they're so unjust.

Comment Re:hum (Score 0) 147

Probably because the 8 cents of PCB and 12 cents of metal on a new $500 GPU is not justified, even after R&D costs. Imagine if other people could enter the market and make $100 or $200 dollar top of the line cards. They're just trying to keep things status quo for their Oligopoly.

Comment Re:Except we don't have a unitary government (Score 2) 642

I forgot to add my example for illustration. Imagine being in New Hampshire now where the gun laws are fairly liberal and getting licensed to own firearms is generally a non-issue, to now being a member of my state, Massachusetts, where the local sheriff can deny your license for just any old reason, up to including he doesn't like your haircut. I'm sure there wouldn't be riots, protests, demonstrations, and just a general displeasure over that one issue in one area alone. Now multiple that buy thousands of areas and thousands of issues. Want a few more: income tax, property tax, and sales tax.

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