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The Courts

Submission + - SPAM: Woman fired over death threat sent from work e-mai

alphadogg writes: An employee of has been fired after an e-mailed death threat was linked to her account. The crudely worded e-mail was sent Sunday to Paul "PZ" Myers, an associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota Morris, who is known for his criticism of religion and creationism. It was one of several hostile messages he had received following a controversial July 8 blog posting. The address on the e-mail showed that it came from Melanie Kroll at, an online floral delivery service.
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Submission + - Intel Steals Ecogeek Logo? (

C writes: Intel released slides Monday at their Centrino launch in San Francisco which has what appears to be the Ecogeek site logo. The logo was used alongside text that read "low power consumption." While it seems likely that Intel contracted a third party to do this work, if Ecogeek doesn't step up and fight for their copyright, they stand a chance of getting sued later on by Intel.

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