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Submission + - MuckRock and LilSis launch campaign to track how police monitor social media (muckrock.com)

v3rgEz writes: Wondering if the last thing you shared on Facebook might get you on a watch list? Find yourself thinking twice before retweeting? You're not alone, and you might have good reasons: Increasingly, local police departments are tracking social media usage and monitoring individuals based on what they say, the pictures they post, and even the pages they like. FOIA site MuckRock and influence tracker LilSis have teamed up to launch a new project that helps uncover which police departments are monitoring social media, what their policies are, and more. Check out the project here, and if you're interested file a request of your own.

Submission + - BBC Interviews Apple vs Samsung Jury Foreman (bbc.co.uk) 1

MrSteveSD writes: The BBC has published a long interview with Velvin Hogan, the jury foreman in the Apple vs Samsung case. He still seems to be sticking to a rather confused definition of what constitutes prior art.

I showed the jurors that the two methods in software were not the same, nor could they be interchangeable because the hardware that was involved between the old processor and the new processor — you couldn't load the new software methodology in the old system and expect that it was going to work.

Submission + - online pharmacy pioneer arrested in Florida (www.cbc.ca)

FeatherBoa writes: A Manitoba man who was one of the first entrepreneurs in the cross-border online pharmacy industry, has been arrested in Florida and is facing charges related to the sale of foreign and counterfeit medicines. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration claimed many of the drugs promoted as Canadian actually came from other countries. An FDA spokesperson commented " Many of these websites are operating outside of the United States. However, the internet's broad reach allows these websites to reach U.S. consumers."

Submission + - US security services "have moles within Microsoft" (pcpro.co.uk)

Barence writes: "US government officials could be working under cover at Microsoft to help the country's cyber-espionage programme, according to one leading security expert.

According to Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at security firm F-Secure, the claim is a logical conclusion to a series of recent discoveries and disclosures linking the US government to 2010's Stuxnet attack on Iran and ties between Stuxnet and the recent Flame attack.

“It's plausible that if there is an operation under way and being run by a US intelligence agency it would make perfect sense for them to plant moles inside Microsoft to assist in pulling it off, just as they would in any other undercover operation,” he said. “It's not certain, but it would be common sense to expect they would do that.”"


Submission + - Consequences for political beliefs (joeuser.com) 1

yuhong writes: "On a blog article by Stardock's CEO Brad Wardell (Frogboy/Draginol), the CEO gripes about how "some people, mostly liberals to be honest, take politics extremely personally", and how "As I’ve become more “notable” I’ve had to largely cut down on my postings because the media has been inclined to take bits and pieces about what I write and senationalize it. So I’ve had to become much more careful about what I say online". I agree that things like quote-mining and boycotting a company just because of the CEO's political belief"

Submission + - Is Amazon Misrepresenting eBook Sales?

destinyland writes: The Motley Fool challenges Amazon's claim that their ebook sales "continue to overtake" the sale of printed books. Amazon announced that in October their ebooks outsold print books for all titles in the top 1,000, but critics point out that's comparing ebooks only to the most expensive, hardcover-only new print books. (In July, one analyst calculated that actually Amazon still sells twice as many printed paperbacks as they do ebooks.) The Motley Fool argues that Amazon "appears to be trying to mislead you," noting their press releases "lack the details you really need to know before drawing your own conclusion." In September, MIT's technology blog cited reports that in fact, e-book sales "represent 'only six pecent of the total market for new books.' "

Submission + - Linux-compatible Netflix-like services?

An anonymous reader writes: I am searching for a Netflix-like service which supports streaming to Linux desktops, as my HTPC is Linux based. I'm aware of Hulu, but that is not the type of service I'm after. I'd like a mail DVD rental service with no late fees, augmented by commercial-free streaming. I also don't want an additional physical box: the HTPC already has internet access, so I don't want more hardware.

GreenCine is another company which provides the DVD rental half, but I was unable to determine whether they support streaming to Linux devices. However, it seems quite unlikely from the FAQ here: http://www.greencine.com/static/divx/divxdrm_faq.jsp

Does anyone know of such a service that supports Linux? I'd like it to have a large selection of non-mainstream movies and TV series, since I do not primarily watch "blockbusters".

Submission + - iPhone alarm bug leads to European lie-in (pcpro.co.uk)

nk497 writes: A flaw in the alarm clock in iPhone 4s gave Europeans a bit of a lie-in this morning. While the Apple handsets automatically adjusted to daylight savings time, a bug in the alarm system meant many were woken up an hour later than they should have been, after clocks rolled back over the weekend. Annoyingly, Australia was hit by a similar problem last month, but Apple failed to fix the problem or even warn users. American Apple fans, consider yourselves warned. The iOS4 bug can apparently be avoided by using one-off alarms, rather than pre-set regular wake-up calls.

Submission + - Intel Opens 22nm Fabs to Third Party Company (thinq.co.uk)

Blacklaw writes: Intel has reached an agreement to produce chips for a small start-up company, marking the first such venture in the company's long history as a silicon fabricator.
The deal sees the chip giant making silicon for tiny start-up Achronix Semiconductor Corporation, which is specialising in high-performance field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for 100G and 400G Ethernet networking, along with LTE mobile communications — and are designed to work alongside central processors from the likes of Intel, rather than the competition. According to Achronix, the move to a 22nm process size — significantly ahead of anyone else in the FPGA market — means that the company's products will offer 300 per cent higher performance, a 50 per cent decrease in power draw, and come in at a 40 per cent discount compared to competing technologies.

The Internet

Submission + - Is AT&T lagging on IPv6? (networkworld.com)

netbuzz writes: The answer is yes, according to industry observers and some of those at the forefront of pushing the next-generation Internet communications protocol, and the carrier’s relative lack of urgency could prove to be a drag on the IPv6 effort as a whole. "I'm surprised AT&T is not talking about IPv6 more," says a senior manager at the University of New Hampshire's InterOperability Lab, a leading IPv6 product testing facility. AT&T acknowledges that it is not “stirring demand for IPv6,” but pledges to be “prepared for the demand" when it intensifies.

Submission + - Boeing 747 Recycled into a Private Residence

Ponca City writes: "Nicholas Jackson writes in the Atlantic about a woman who requested only curvilinear/feminine shapes for her new home and has purchased an an entire Boeing 747-200, transported it by helicopter to her 55-acre property in the remote hills of Malibu and after deconstructing it, is having all 4,500,000 pieces put back together to form a main house and six ancillary structures including a meditation pavilion, an animal barn, and an art studio building. "The scale of a 747 aircraft is enormous — over 230 feet long, 195 feet wide and 63 feet tall with over 17,000 cubic feet of cargo area alone and represents a tremendous amount of material for a very economical price of less than $50,000 dollars," writes Architect David Hertz. "In researching airplane wings and superimposing different airplane wing types on the site to scale, the wing of a 747, at over 2,500 sq. ft., became an ideal configuration to maximize the views and provide a self supporting roof with minimal additional structural support needed." Called the "Wing House," as a structure and engineering achievement, the aircraft encloses an enormous amount of space using the least amount of materials in a very resourceful and efficient manner and the recycling of the 4.5 million parts of this “big aluminum can” is seen as an extreme example of sustainable reuse and appropriation. Interestingly enough the architects had to register the roof of the house with the FAA so pilots flying overhead would not mistake it as a downed aircraft."

Submission + - Child abuse verdict held back by MS Word glitch? (publico.pt)

An anonymous reader writes: Last week several defendants including one high-profile TV presenter were sentenced in Portugal to jail sentences in what has been known as the Casa Pia scandal. The judges delivered on Set3 a summary of the 2000 page verdict, which would be disclosed in full only 3 days later. The disclosure of the full verdict has been postponed from Set8 to an yet-to-be-announced date, allegedly because the full document was written in several MS Word files which, when merged together, retained "computer related annotations which should not be present in any legal document". Microsoft specialists were called in to help the judges sort out the "text formatting glitch", while the defendants and their lawyers eagerly waits to access the full text of the verdict.

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