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Comment 4chan worthless? (Score 1) 475

I would argue that, at this point, /. is far more worthless of a site than 4chan. 4chan at least still has some degree of impact on the internet at large. When's the last time the slashdot effect was actually a thing? Not to mention that I'm pretty sure the Reddit community for dogecoin is at least as large as the 4chan community, if not larger.

Submission + - AT&T Censors 4chan server 13

An anonymous reader writes: Details how (home of the notorious /b/ — "Random" image board) is being actively blocked by AT&T. According to the scant details available on 4chan and Reddit there are reports that has become inaccessible from California to Texas and some reports claim as far east as Connecticut. Supposedly this is to stop a ring of pedophiles, but as one Reddit poster said it best "First the came for the pedophiles and I was not a pedophile..."
Disturbing news indeed.

Comment Re:Enough already (Score 2, Insightful) 263

Why buy no CDs at all, instead of buying from independent labels like these that don't sue people for downloading their music? And if none of those record labels have music that suits your tastes (I'll admit I lean towards hipster garbage in music taste), check RIAA Radar before you buy.

For most people on slashdot, the RIAA is just a justification to make themselves feel better about downloading instead of buying.

Comment Re:But does it work? (Score 1) 707

Strange as it looks, "his" is the correct singular, sexist, third person, possessive pronoun.

Speak English, please (also removed a wrong comma -- it's not a serial comma because there was no "and", "or", or similar).

Fixed your wording and added back in a comma that belongs there. All of those words are describing the word "pronoun," thus they all belong.

Comment Re:Adult Gaming? Hah! (Score 2, Insightful) 343

Since you seem to be such an expert on the subject, please tell me exactly where the line lies for what does and does not "constitute art." This is the problem with people who like to sit and pontificate about what is or isn't art. It's undefinable. Everything is art, and if you try to define it any other way, you're going to find yourself drawing arbitrary lines in the sand.

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