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Comment Tell HP what you think (Score 1) 4

Please let HP know what you think about this. Here is the text of the letter I sent them through their email form. We can try to change their minds if we let them know how we feel.

Go to .html and post the following text, or write your own:

It's interesting that a representative from your own company would say, "There's a growing demand in the marketplace for more open source solutions."
Source: 0/1642256&tid=138&tid=17&tid=2&tid=74&tid=132

And interesting that a survey revealed, "More than 70 percent of the respondents said they would use a Dell system with the Linux OS for both home and office use."
Source: -on-PCs-Coming-Soon/story.xhtml?story_id=131007PF7 Y0O

And even more interesting that your service representative would say, "HP supports and
recommends Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista on its notebooks."

So, do you guys just not really mean what you say? Don't you get it? You're going to miss out on a MAJOR shift in computer usage if this is your official stance. You get that your customers are buying HARDWARE from you, right? You don't make the software and you have NO RIGHT to tell us what OS you will support for the HARDWARE we buy from you. Screw Microsoft and everyone who supports them, including you. I will never even consider buying an HP now that I see how you refuse to support your own machines. If you can't provide your customers with a working BIOS, you'll find you have no customers.

Microsoft's attempts to take over the software market are wrong, and you're going to find yourselves on the losing side of this war if you attempt to align yourselves with them.

Please immediately issue the BIOS corrections for the dv9000 series of laptops per the user complaint detailed on slashdot above. Furthermore, please immediately issue a press release announcing your support of Linux. You owe your customers no less. If we fork over our hard-earned money on a machine, for the machine itself and not its content, what do you care what OS we run? You are making a huge mistake not supporting Linux, which everyone knows is a far more secure and far superior OS in comparison to anything Microsoft has ever attempted. If your customers decide to protect themselves from the disgusting security problems associated with any OS Microsoft has ever developed, who do you think you are to say they can't?

I am certain you will lose significant business over your decision to recommend Microsoft. Get with it. Linux is what's next, and you're poised to miss the huge business opportunity that presents, while Dell, your competitor, rakes in the cash.

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