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Comment Re:Not A New Concept (Score 1) 234

There is a JVM targeted for research named Maxine that is written in—you guessed it—Java. It needs to be bootstrapped by another JVM in order to compile itself with its JIT compiler and after that it runs by itself. I recently attended a talk by one of its developers and it looks very interesting.

Comment Re:I've actually been using bing lately (Score 1) 274

The page summary doesn't include some of the words, and worse is that when you go to the page, and hit ctrl-f, you can't even find one of the omitted keyword! Frustrating as hell.

I think this has been around for a while. I usually went to the cached version which highlights the searched terms in different colors. At the top, the omitted terms are listed and described as appearing only in sites linking to the current site. This may even be very helpful in finding sites. However when you specifically search for one of those words (say, a configuration parameter) it just sucks.

Comment Re:Failure (Score 2) 406

I agree that it's stupid they got got even the name wrong in the summary. But I do not agree with such a project being "pointless in the first place". How often do we embrace stuff like that on slashdot? Doing things for the sake of doing. Hand in your Geek Card.

Comment Re:Packt (Score 1) 38

The interesting thing is what Packt achieves with these reviews. I'm stating this as if they were buying the reviewers (which is a likely possibility) and this is exactly the problem. Whenever I'll see two books on the same topic - one from Packt and one from another publisher - I'll pick the other one. Because somewhere in the back of my head I'll always think "Yeah, that's Packt. They need to buy all those reviews; therefore their books must be crap."

Comment Re:Bad Tech Journalism (Score 1) 83

For a while I don't open links to *world sites like Computerworld, PCWorld or Infoworld anymore. Keeps the blood pressure low. Too often they have horribly bad researched articles spread over as much pages as possible. It's unbearable how little content they provide with so many words. Comments on slashdot seem to confirm this more often than not.

Comment Re:Opera (Score 1) 198

I think Opera got better. I once opened Google in private mode and was still logged in. Now this isn't the case anymore, even when opening them right after each other. But what is really great is that it also won't save or read Flash cookies in private mode. I recently read that some browsers have or had problems with it but can't remember where. I think they'll all figure it out eventually. (well, it might be useful for those who use Flash... /. seems to be populated only by people who despise it.) Of course this doesn't say if it leaks encryption keys or whatever.

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