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First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - There will be blood - a lot, actually (

EKHill writes: "Dean Takahashi got the supreme luck to preview Electronic Arts' new gore fest extravaganza DeadSpace. The funny thing is how his review almost sounds morally and physically squeamish at times. "The blood and gore surprised me. We're talking a spray of blood shooting out of the alien creatures as you shoot them aboard a gigantic space mining ship. You walk by a bloody and disemboweled creature lying on an operating table while another creature is operating on it." He continued, "And you can die an inglorious death as a creature rips your head off and tears off your limbs." Question is, why is it that the developers WANT to produce and play these games and are willing to go elsewhere to do it? Said an EA developer, "This is the reason I stayed at Electronic Arts. This is the game I wanted to make.""
The Matrix

Submission + - Second Life Demo of Reasoning Character (

lee1 writes: "Researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have created a character with the capacity to hold beliefs and to reason about the beliefs of others. The character will be able to predict and manipulate the behavior of real people with whom it will directly interact within simulated worlds. As a demo, the researchers have created 'Eddie': a 4-year-old child in Second Life who can perform certain critical reasoning tasks in a manner that matches human children his age. The operation of the character requires coupling logic-based artificial intelligence and computational cognitive modeling techniques with the processing power of a supercomputer."

Submission + - Botnet Battle Intensifies

ancientribe writes: A new advisory by ICANN's Security and Stability Advisory Committee sheds new light on a sophisticated method botnet herders are now using to hide and protect their networks. The so-called "double flux" technique — a variant of the stealthy fast-flux hosting used by major botnets such as Storm — rapidly shifts both malicious Web servers and domain name servers (DNS) from machine to machine to evade detection. ICANN's new advisory includes proposed recommendations for derailing these fast-flux and double-flux botnets, which serve as the infrastructure for spam and phishing exploits. The question is whether domain registrars will adopt these measures.

Submission + - Google Throws Lead Paint on Movie Download Market 6

An anonymous reader writes: As promised Google shut down its video store Wednesday — and its DRM made sure all movie files purchased from the store ceased to funtion. This has sparked a firestorm of negative commentary from the Digerati who see it as pure theft. Cory Doctorow called it "...a giant, flaming middle finger, sent by Google and the studios to the customers who were trusting (as in dumb) enough to buy DRM videos". John Dvorak called it "old bait-and-switch tactics" where vendors make promises, but build-in the ability to reneg on those promises if they choose to do so later. Both Dvorak and Doctorow call for the judicial system to step in, but MP3 Newswire says that the abuse to consumer trust will do more damage to the paid download market than anything the courts could inflict. "As a consumer, if you purchase a digital movie file online only to have it unexpectedly repossessed you will probably think twice before ever buying any such download again. If you do consider it again it certainly won't be for the same price as before. Experience made these downloads worth far less to you. So what are feature film downloads that can be revoked at any time worth in the market place? To some Google Video customers the value of a movie download dropped all the way down to zero."

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