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Journal Journal: WikiLeaks provides an EU Software Strategy view

WikiLeaks Source

The influence is not stone-toss obvious, but the referenced PDFs do provide some interesting reading. WikiLeaks Title: Documents expose the influence of US lobbies on the EU WorkGroup on Open Source, 2009

I was interested in the V3-pdf Software Strategy v3..pdf ideas and what I thought was an obvious (USA NOW typica!) lack of vision/prescience. Yes, it was not a favorable OSS review. A bit simple/single minded for academic EU quality, which does indicates some corporatism-bias (anti-Capitalism) and profit motive surreptitiously insulting OSS.

Anyway, I was surprised that the obvious to me was totally overlooked. Software/product is not the means to innovation, synergy, economic growth....

The ROI/value is enabling folks to have greater means. Technology, software/hardware/services... when enabling people to do far more with far less provides innovation, synergy, economic growth.... Learning is the key enabler for all people/things/time/value.... The ability to share, collaborate and innovate with other folks always has a synergistic effect, and adds the apt/agile evolving economic value.

Anyway, am I right to think that the wealth of a nation/union are the people/citizens learning and sharing?

Can a nation and an economy be secure, stable and strong when we focus on enabling technologies for people and local communities?

What do /. folks think...?

The alphabet, the wheel, agriculture, horse domestication, bio/nanotech, robots, cars, hardware/software are all enablers of human production, performance, cultural evolution... the real economic stuff that create greater wealth for more or less (government/corporatist dependent).



Journal Journal: Democracy with Capitalism is the ideal.... 5

True Democracy with Real Capitalism is the ideal Objective social-economic system!

The best possible, for US, EU, RU... will always be Democratic Government with a Capitalist Economy.
The best quality of life for "The People" will always be directly proportional to the ideal of True Democracy and Real Capitalism achievable for the times/culture.

IOW/IMO: Failures (social/economic) are due to subversion of democracy and capitalism by authoritarian politicians/plutocrats and anti-capitalist pseudo-economist supporting scams like the corporatist pyramid-scheme-economics model in the USA, EU....

That pseudo-capitalism works good for China, Arabia, Russia... should have told everyone something about the legalized crimes/scams in credit, banking, businesses, stocks, bonds, RIAA, IPR, DMCA....

Democracy is an "Open" social theory/philosophy. A Democratic Government will at all times represent all the citizens (not special dogma/corporate... interest) by sustaining and defending the rights and freedoms of the individual. Essential to the survival of a democracy is the suppression (as in disenfranchisement) of all other social philosophies, while protecting all citizens' rights to free speech, thought, association, and dogma affiliations/membership/worship....

Democracy is the only way to enfranchise (not their dogma/beliefs) all citizens as equals (legally, morally, ethically...).
All other social theories/philosophies are irrational dogmatic justifications for enslavement of "We The People" around the world.

Capitalism is an "Open" economics theory/philosophy.
Capitalism is best for a pluralist economic meritocracy.
Capitalism will elevate and nourish better Democracy, efforts, innovation, ideas, economics....
Capitalism will eliminate and starve old/failing legacy institutions, systems, dogma... not protect and sustain the monopolistic failures that are "TO BIG TOO FAIL." ....

Pseudo-Capitalism social systems/dogma will never perform any of the above basic functions of capitalism in an economy/government.

Forms of Pseudo-Capitalism (reward for dogma-merit) social systems/dogma:
___ Corporatism is a "Slave" social theory/philosophy.
___ Aristocracy is a "Slave" social theory/philosophy.
___ Plutocracy is a "Slave" social theory/philosophy.
___ Theocracy is a "Slave" social theory/philosophy.
___ Oligarchy is a "Slave" social theory/philosophy.
___ Communism is a "Slave" social theory/philosophy.
___ Elitism is a "Slave" social theory/philosophy.
___ Anarchy is a "Slave" social theory/philosophy. ....

Pseudo-Capitalism/Pseudo-Democracy are the reasons for economic failures, which sustain few with maximum resources, and enslaves all others with diminished educational, medical, survival... resources.

Where/when feudalism was retired, the quality of life improved.
When/where the industrial/iron age was diminished, the quality of life improved.
When/where Democracy and Capitalism evolve and flourish, the quality of life will improve.

The USA, EU... too build a stronger economy and improve the quality of life for "The People" around the world, must end all forms of dogmatic plutocrats/anarchist/clergy... pseudo-capitalism, organized Democracy subversion, and gangster-speculation economics.


Journal Journal: "Open" Economic Theory (OET) is Capitalism for US? 11

Jeremiah, Smitty, others....

OET - just a starter point concept for maybe an OETpedia... "Open" as in "Free-Thinking and Usage" for everyone... (All oh21 content is "Open", no usage/edit restrictions).

Should we discuss/write how OET can provide a far more stable, sustainable, and fair global economy?

Most/All Wall (or Washington) Street Pundits (WSP) politicians, C*Os, economist, dogmatist... claim that good economic times are due to their leadership and proof of sound/good economic policy/theory, and all bad economic times are surprise anomalies, due to Fycking Magic (FM), voodoo, whoops, workers/consumers, gods' will... (never bad leadership or organized crime).

You and many others as Public Economy Pundits (PEP) postulate, well in advance of WSPs, that the problems are of known general/practical origins and preventable when addressed by long-term fiscal responsibility as law and policy. Fiscal/institutional law and policy governs everything a private citizens must do to protect the economic wealth (like $700B+...) of businesses and institutions, but WSPs avoid (most) repercussions after committing obvious "professional" negligence (at least) and/or criminal (should be) misrepresentation of facts for personal greed.

It is time we take the current WSP academic/plutocrat parochial economic arts (not science) to task for promoting corporate-welfare, strangling innovation, exploiting creativity..., while providing only a top-down macro/micro economic system that can be frequently used for sociopath/criminal purposes that collapses domestic/international economies.

Anyway, if there was an OETpedia I would post as/to RFC/edit, and seek consensus too lock topics, until better RFC content indicated economics consensus had swayed to a stronger practical probability.

Most of US are not economist or business .... For me, I do not even have a college degree (the disclaimer, I am not a professional...), I like the anonymity of being oh21.

My List:

RFC-0001, Economies can be built on ownership, but not on liability/credit. Incorrigible/recalcitrant debtor nations/institutions, businesses, and persons waste and abuse public resources for private gain, and betray the public trust "that citizens will behave responsibly" for everyone. Being a debtor should not be a crime, unless the real intent was not to pay (theft), but a speculative creditor that negligently (loss of business/professional license to practice), or knowingly (prison) participates in predatory credit activities. Predatory credit activities: (1) intent to obtain private property by loan default/foreclosure; (2) intent to provide credit instruments that not appropriate fixed time and rate; (3) ....

RFC-0002, A USA Constitutional Amendment requiring a balanced budget. Yes, there are always fine-points: (1) war; (2) catastrophes; (3) exigencies, (4) .... Always requiring all our creditors paid within six years, (without a war win) no great nation can survive creditors forever. We must always pay up in a timely responsible manner, and run budget surpluses to truly cut taxes/penalties for ourselves and the prosperity of our posterity (all else is political/economic bullshit) .

RFC-0003, No interstate/international bank/financial institution will ever be provided Tax-payer resources to prevent business failure/acquisition by competitors. Tax-payer resources should only be used at the community and/or lowest economic levels for public-works (infrastructure) contracts, and too guarantee capitalization of stable regional/local banks. Put bad banks, institutions, businesses... up for sale, and always payback the labor retirement funds (on a post 12 or 24 month value) first from any asset liquidations and other proceeds. Failing/legacy businesses are always replaced by healthy/growing businesses in a real "Capitalist" economy. Capitalist (circulate money/wealth) economies are wide-base community/public driven. Plutocrat/Top-down (trickle-down) economies are feudal at best, and frequently draconian at demanding citizens (the wide-base) sustain the corrupt nepotist status-quo (as in a pyramid fraud scheme).

RFC-0004, One-Tax will "Open" a wide-base fair-tax with few to no hidden evasions. The "Sales Tax" model provides many advantages over the present failed and despised "hide a tax on everything everywhere (gas, bread, cars, utilities, services...)." Example: Business One Sales Tax (BOST) at 10% (no exceptions, not even food, health care...) : (1) Family home sale 0% tax, but realtor "services" provided would be taxed at 10% and the realtor business/individual would pay the BOST; (2) Citizen (family/friend) sales a car 0% BOST, Labor employee buys a car for $20K the car dealer pays $2K BOST, C*O buys a car for $200K car dealer pays $20K BOST; (3) One C*O buys a $200K import dealer pays $20K BOST, One C*O buys a $200K domestic dealer pays $20K BOST; (4) Car repair cost $1K repair shop pays $100 BOST; (5) Family Farm Sales 0% BOST, farm equipment dealers pay BOST, Corporate-Farms Sales pay BOST for products sold and processed foods sold. IOW: Only a business pays the sales-taxes (no other taxes), sales taxes are not itemized on the bill but included in the goods and services cost. Minimum wage (at least) would be paid to all labor personnel (restaurants, construction, domestic help, farms...) Tips/Extra pay are 0% BOST, menu items include the BOST as real cost to the customer. Taxes DO NOT harm businesses or cause them to fail, failure is always due to bad business decisions, which good capitalism cures by liquidation or acquisition. Taxes DO NOT harm businesses or cause them to fail, because "We The People" always pay the taxes to the businesses (they do the paper-work) and/or governments (we do the paper-work). So, BOST means the IRS can no longer threaten private citizens. The IRS still collects all taxes from the BOST. USA Citizens no longer file annual income tax returns, only BOST returns are filled, by domestic and foreign businesses per quarter/annual.

RFC-0005, End all market speculation/gambling or move it to Las Vegas. An investment market should never be speculatively volatile. End the shorts, longs... and transition all investment paper/instruments holdings (AFAP) to common stocks/bonds.... An investment market should be for public investments not gamblers/criminals and AI-shadow-traders defrauding the public investment markets of hard-earned money/gains. All transactions of $1M or more should be registered 12 months in advance of sale (profit +% BOST).

RFC-0006, END WIPO/IPR oppression of innovation AFAP. End corporate-welfare ownership of personal creative property in business, entertainment, arts.... Laws should protect and sustain the creative endeavors of the individual/artist scientist, engineer, sculpture, lyricist, play-write... and prevent corporate-welfare exploitation. IOW: Are we to be a nation of corporate slaves or free citizens!

RFC-0007, ... anyone can support ..., but not even gods/cranks can stop ...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Me thinks, Welfare Economics serve few while servicing many.

Me thinks,

We accuse the worker/drone bees (WikiFraud, News Talking Heads, Staffers...) of many harmful blinding stings, but fail to suspect the C*O "Market Queens" and many "Politically Correct" (PC for PTB) things done globally.

The injuries (suffering, deaths, wars) are unintentional gapping economic wounds caused by dumb negligent sharks in a greedy feeding frenzy.

This is common when the shark masters (Unaccountable Leaders) gleefully anticipate the gladiatorial sacrifice of troublesome Slaves (Unrepresented Public) and are reward themselves, kith, and kin with $700B to fail USAgain.

Economies are built and sustained by responsible and successful citizens, not by (C*Os, politics, gods...) failures. Eventually "We The People" will bail-out everyone. The bottom feeding failures (C*Os, politics, gods...) will take the credit for all that is good and right in the world.

Serve few (the shepherds) while servicing many (like rams) the sheep.

Godddd bless them one and all.

United States

Journal Journal: Is this True? "Dogma affected never reason effective." 1

My faith ...?

Dogma is the original hallucinogenic drug.
Neurochemically initiated fear of unknowns
which causes mild/extreme phobias (bigotry,
xenophobia, gods, hubris...) for religious,
political, economics, science... people
are medicated by dogma (verbal magic).

IOW: They are fycking nuts, but totally
acceptable nuts socially (at least
eccentrics) in our marginally civilized
societies (like US, EU, Arab, Israeli,
Persian, Hindu...).

Dogma is not faith. Faith is when you question all your beliefs,
accept that all your beliefs may be false, and when you die is of
little consequence to humanity/eternity. You still authentically
decide (existentialism) to hold faith in something of completely
questionable reality and value to your life and welfare. You have
heroic faith when you still seek to help humanity and harm no one.

IOW: True Faith is never blind or stupid (i.e. Mother Theresa of Calcutta, India).

Close to all Muslims, Jews, Christians, democrats, republicans,
communist, plutocrats... other dogmatist are mentally and
emotionally blind and stupid Dogma-addicts of some sort,
always choosing to believe the bullshit-speak of others and
living in fear of most others and death. Dogma-addicts are
the slaves of false-prophets, the bane of humanity, and doomed
to oblivion/insignificance.

I could be 100% wrong on everything, I stated, above.

United States

Journal Journal: We The Slaves, beg our masters for relief from .... 9

Corporations Buy US (America), and Politicians Sell US.
Masters without accountability have Slaves without representation.
Separate, but equal is applied by financial cast, the law, all religions....

The USA slips further away from heritage and destiny.
We the People fall further into a society of white-collar
masters with white-trash politicians both building
an exploitable slave population for US.

Education/learning and News available to the general public are the direct proportional measure of a free people and wealthy society. Equal education and learning never existed in the USA. The 1960s Civil Rights movement was addressed by expanding "Separation but equal" between the sycophant/religious plutocrat schools of our masters and "We The Slaves" of US. Any arguments from a USA Citizen to this statement, does indicate their probable social-economic birthrights or their dogmatic simple mind.

A nation and "The People" cannot be free or great when enslaved by birthrights and dogma. The USA Constitution (for plutocrats) is an old piece of paper with problematic historical implications. As "We The People" become less educated and informed "Our USA Constitution" becomes whatever the prevailing US Aristocracy (USA) spin would make it. "The USA Constitution" is no longer the ideal/values we (as humans) strive to provide US and humanity, it is now the "USA" little paper memorial to past history and greatness. Let the dogma-patriots wave a flag, let the clerics and USA dictate the rule of US The Pitiable People (PP to USA).

Religious Freedoms become religious pseudo-values to promotion faux-democracy of law, policy, and politics. Mega-church clerics and international corporatist minions provide US palatable slavery with dogma-fear [AKA: BS] reasoning.

I am very sad today for US "The People".

United States

Journal Journal: Is USA corporate-welfare economics capitalism? IDTSo 4

Why does this "compassionate conservative" USA (40+ year old) corporate-welfare economics model function equally well or better in China (a totalitarian state), India (a social-cast state) ...? Think and guess what does the US/EU have in common with China/India ...? Is it a pluralist democracy? Is it meritocracy capitalism? Is it freedom from political/economic/social oppression? Is it that our governments and industry are more like China/India, then vice-versa?

One third of USA infrastructure is unsafe (potentially deadly) to use. Our governments (national, state, and local) must all agree that there is no infrastructure problem unless there is an infrastructure failure on them, their family, or while they are in office, or maybe trying to get re-elected (they can fain sympathy for victims).

Communications for US is getting closer (from 1st to 20th to...) to last place among developed nations with prices increase as proportionally bandwidth, services, quality, and performance decrease. Communications does falsely appears to improve, due to advances in technology (not CableCo/TelCo performance).

Health care unreasonably cost increases and problems (performance/cost/...) in the USA are always spin-solved by Government laws/programs/welfare promoting Private Profit Industry (PPI) solutions which provide declines in medical services, quality, and performance. Health care does falsely appears to improve, due to advances in technology, learning, teaching and aggregate skill sources/references (not IncCo/HMO... performance). Depending on socio-economics alone heath-care shows dramatic increases or amazing dramatic declines. Is it better to discover a cure or treatment for disease in a corporate-welfare state? All our POTUS wannabes want another PPI pseudo-solution for US.

Education for US is getting closer (from 1st to 50th to...) too last place among developed nations with public administrator cost and positions increases keeping step with drop-outs, teen pregnancy, illiteracy, violent crime, spouse abuse. Is this what some would call wingnut-welfare (paid from public or private foundations' bank accounts). Public education in the USA (does not falsely appear to be failing) due to significant decreases in per-student spending (money to educate a child, not roof a building, not mow the grass, not fix a toilet, not pay an administrator...). Private education in the USA with advances in technology, teacher vetted-performance pay, increased curriculum and material support, spending per-child, control of disruptive students and environments ... private wealthy schools are improving wonderfully.

In the USA we have a long tradition of separate-but-equal education ... Public education produces a workforce, and Private education produces a better educated and socially connected management team. In the USA we don't need intelligence biasing the decision or merit-selection process (Prime Examples: Bush, Cheney...). In the USA and Mexico there is no fantasy that money talks, shit floats, poor and illiterate work... this is now cultural tradition.

In the 1950s separate-but-equal education, in the USA, was great for the intended purpose a work/slave population, now it serves the same purpose to provide the faux-privileged plutocrats proof/justification of their superior genetics and/or gods' will/punishment of the diseased and poor.

Listening to USA news' dogma-spewing talking-heads is like a standup comic show with tragedy-spin made into politically-correct palatable (a/o by god) excuses, most of US are not laughing, because the scripted humour is sick/dark and well beyond the understanding of most (not all) publicly educated folks and many privately educated people are just simple minded or well inbreed idiots.

"Open" real Democracy, Capitalism, Learning ... will cure all public problems. All other known/used (possibly labelled democracy, capitalism, learning ...) variations/models of government (secular/religious), economics (welfare/communism), education (NCLB/rote...) are surely public failures and valuable private purpose successes.

"Open" source code, Democracy, Capitalism, Learning ... is proving to be the last bastions of Freedom and Capitalism in the Western Cultures. "Open" source code demands creativity and innovation to be competitive in an "Open" "Free" capitalist economy, and provides a non-government/UN economic engine for development in third world countries by wealth growth levelling of economic conditions.

Present patent and copyrights laws are industrial-age legacy systems supporting corporate-welfare and oppressing creativity, innovation, discovery, and economic growth.

The Western Cultures are slaughtering their only real-value cash cows, because dogma-safe is not creative-risk. US/EU world-bank global economic theory fails to understand and defeat dogma-economics, and accepts fear and retreat in to the status-quo of industrial age bad-economic.

Damn, my chaotic writing skills to hell! Anyone out there know how to write this stuff in English or any language? Take it it is yours, I don't want it any damn more after it gets out of my head.


The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Do you get paid/compensated to much? 8

FCW Insider: Are feds overpaid?
By Christopher J. Dorobek
Published on July 2, 2008 - 08:10 AM

Are feds overpaid? Yes, according to the Cato Institute's Will Wilkinson

Do I (what about you?) get over compensated/paid ...?

My view: Compared to all politicians, C*Os, clergy ... considering the global, domestic, economic, infrastructure, environment ... conditions; Well, I would answer with a resounding definite NO (maybe NFW). Probably the same (no) for most pro-entertainers (news, movie, sports, TV/radio...). Then again, for the standup-comics on national/local/dogma spin-news a resounding definite NFW (like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Ollie North ... PBS is developing a few more for US).

Well compared to almost all our Teachers considering public school conditions, our Warriors and FBI/CIA/... Field-Agents knowing their genuine patriotic commitment to US, Police and FireFighters every day life commitment to US families and folks, the wild weekend/holiday ER Nurses/Doctors/Staff, EMTs, extreme-rescuers, migrant farm workers ... I may be more than slightly over compensated.

In some ways, I worry, if we did fairly compensate folks for the value they deliver to USAll (no that can't happen ... politics and all that stuff). How about we just pay those somewhat/sort of altruistic/eleemosynaric (I am amazed, at the amount of responsibility, how cheap then work!) far more from now on, but then like politics, business, religion the quality of service and commitment would with time suffer irreparable harm much like governance of nations, corporations, religions, cities, schools....

I don't teach kids to be good citizens, my life is not the resource preserving "The USA Constitution", national security, our culture.... I am not committed to saving lives as a lifetime career. I cannot be sure, that I would put my life on the line to save the life of another person (definitely not a dog, cat...).

If given the choice to legally and honestly support my self/family as a migrant farm workers, or maybe drug-deal/murder/... for a really good (maybe dangerous) income that gives me and my family a good standard of living in a poor defenceless urban/sub-urban neighbourhood, I would probably be an apparently sociopathic criminal till I died.

Well, I guess, at worse I'll end up in the same hell as most of the politicians, C*Os, clergy ....

My value yard stick for the last 20 years at work has been how much do I $ave. Each year, I look at everything I do in a year that factually (in lump sums) saves money. Most years (not all), I have been able to identify four-times my annual compensation (overhead+pay). My best year was 25-times, I was assigned a complicated $8M (their estimate) IT/LAN/WAN project. In about 6 months (working alone on the technology side) I was able to drop the cost to a little over $5M, meet unit (SUN+Cisco nodal sites, servers, desktops, VTC, VoIP, ...) quantities requirements, improve networking switch selection and performance, all computers had RAM/HDD doubled, CRT monitors were changed to LCD .... The major issue, post delivery in my office, was a US only ACDC adapter for desktop speakers (800*$15=$12K, about 0.2%), All errors in delivery (were resolved) was less than 1% of cost. This year I may get over the $1M mark again. Anyway, no I am not over-paid.

I'll retire soon, 5 or 10 years at most, what I have learned is I cannot improve management (2 of 3) performance. For politicians/management, C*Os, clergy ... only about 1 in 3 deserve far more then they are receiving, because they are doing everything for their compensation, plus the two worthless very popular (highly social skilled) pet-rocks/yes-noders. Due to the 2 of 3 in charge, I suspect/know by experience the 1 of 3 (like Teachers, Warriors...) of Federal Civil Service will be the ones that receive far less (the 2 0f 3 have one job always) than they deserve in compensation.

Anyway, my analysis of Dorobek and Wilkinson (they are paid far too much), they both need to find better ways, not the same old stupid blame-storming way ... get creative, innovative ... don't play politics with critical national problems (that would be treason)... fix the damn infrastructure ASAFP. Also, according to CATO, PLEASE CATO, stop spiting worthless bullshit with valueless great-spin-solutions for politics to waste time and/or money on ... after vetting this BS pile as valid, just send everyone home, shutup and shutdown. CATO, ain't no help ... for US.

User Journal

Journal Journal: FSM spotted at Cumberland County Courthouse 1

The Crossville Chronicle ( reports that another sighting of his most holy noodly appendage, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, has been reported just outside a courthouse in Cumberland County, Tennessee, late last month.

This is not a joke. FSM really does inhabit the grounds along with several other statues. It's an amusing, open-minded and welcome surprise. From the article: "The artists' interpretation of the Flying Spaghetti Monster sits alongside an Iraq war memorial, chainsaw-carved monkeys and a sculpture of Jesus carrying a cross..."


Journal Journal: Do you (USA Citizens) know any good ethnic jokes? 5

The best ethnic joke for 2008 USA politics?

What kind of bird brings a little Europe baby?
          The white stork of Europe.

What kind of bird brings a little Latino baby?
          A beautiful warm pink flamingo.

What kind of bird brings a little African baby?
          The African sacred ibis.

What kind of bird brings a little Asian baby?
          A snow crane of long life.

So; then, What kind of bird brings no baby at all?
          A swallow of course.


Journal Journal: Death with honor is better than living-dead.

I will always prefer to suffer
the repercussions of my conviction,
rather than suffer the oppression
of my persecutors.

What do you feel (if you are a USA Citizen), about defending "The USA Constitution"?


Journal Journal: IMO all IPR and RPR laws need to protect FREEDOM!

"My Reality (IMO)" only a human (or any sentient) can have creativity proportional to intellect. All IPR laws should be focused on protecting the creative/innovative human/individual freedom, products, livelihood, living standard from plutocrats, corporatist, and/or dogmatists exploitation.

Governments, Religions, Militaries, Schools ... are institutions. Institutions are inanimate social objects initiated and organized with a purpose to facilitate social/community collaboration, services, interests .... Institutions/Organizations either have a public (Government/Military) purpose, or a private (Church/Business) purpose.

The prevailing logic of the Private verses Public relationship will always be to reject the public interest. However, the prevailing logic of the Public verses Private relationship will always be recognition of Private [AKA: Individual] value and rights. Without Public-Private balance democracy and capitalism are but myths spoken of with great fervor, but no values.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) should belong to the original public-individual innovator with inclusive use and value generation, not the private-institution Real Property Rights (RPR) owner with exclusive use and value stagnation.

Real honest competitive Capitalism, Meritocracy, and Democracy would Never, Never, NEVER allow IPR selling.Selling and Buying IPR is exploitation by RPR "feudal" institutions. Human IP should be for lease only to businesses for production, marketing, commercial purposes, but a lease/IPR should never encumber in any way the innovative/creative persons hacking/designing to perfection another wonderful product. Arbitrate a multi-owner-IP lease for production, marketing, commercial purposes.

I buy a media/entertainment product. I use the product (music, book, video ...)
for as long as I want, wherever I want, in any personal (not public) way that I
want, on any type of my personal products/media I want.

At any point, I attempt to use any IPR protected product for (non educational)
personal real/virtual value gain (bar, theater ...) then I must negotiate with
the owner and/or accept binding arbitration as too the appropriate compensations
percentage value of the IPR product added to my innovative, creative, business use.
If I, associates, or others make no real/virtual financial gain, then no added
value no added compensation to the IPR holder of the original product or tax payment.

IPR laws should leverage original ideas/content to induce greater creativity, innovation,
development, evolution, revolution for humanity. IOW: IPR should never prevent fair and
reasonable use of a product. IPR laws need to help create and develop a far better products
and economic growth. If a product is improved/enhanced to provide added value ... then
append the original IPR certificate with secondary IPR certificates that either increase
the total value or stabilizes product value over decades.

Taxes assessed on real property is reasonably easy. Taxing intellectual property is impossible until a point of business transaction occurs. Van Gogh sold pictures for very little compared to the sale of a Van Gogh today. For Van Gogh it was intellectual property which he had in abundance. For the critic, collector, connoisseur ... the Van Gogh painting is real property providing ROI/profit by personal aesthetics appreciation, resale value, and/or egotistical prestige. It would have been best if all Van Gogh paintings had returned to their intellectual creative owner [AKA Van Gogh] estate after a lease lapsed and the owner [AKA Van Gogh] with a Will (or state executor) should have been able to give (tax-free) ownership to other family/friends or museums. Family/friends could sale ownership and pay a sales tax, and Museums could loan, but never sale any art object. Apply to writers (books, movies, code ...), Architects, Engineers, Scientist, sculptures .... Business would lease IPR, produce RPR, and market products for a ROI value, and with total Mod/Hack freedom and Copy-left personal use.

User Journal

Journal Journal: EPA Bows to lobbying pressure, Fires Respected Scientist

In what has been (and will be) perceived as yet another causality in the Bush Administration's war on science, the The Los Angeles Times (,0,1493929,full.story)
reports that the EPA has fired Deborah Rice, a respected neurotoxicologist and chair of chair of an EPA scientific panel responsible for helping the agency determine the dangers of deca.

DECA is a brominated compound that has similarities to polybrominated diphenyl ether (PDBE) based flame retardants, widely used in electronic equipment. It's used in high volumes worldwide in TVs and other electronics, furniture textiles, building materials and automobiles. About 56,000 tons were used worldwide in 2001, mostly in the United States and Asia.

The concern is that deca appears to turn into other brominated substances when exposed to sunlight, and now many scientists say it, too, is building up in the environment worldwide. Deca has similar effects on animals' developing brains as banned PBDEs, which have been found in laboratory tests to skew brain development and alter thyroid hormones, slowing the learning and motor skills of newborn animals.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the dismissal was made in response to accusations by the "American Chemistry Council, the lobbying group for chemical manufacturers, complained to a top-ranking EPA official that she was biased."

Ms. Rice is the same scientist who, in 2004, the EPA gave an award for what it called "exceptionally high-quality research" for a study that linked lead exposure to premature puberty in girls.

EPA officials removed Rice because of what they called "the perception of a potential conflict of interest." Under the agency's handbook for advisory committees, scientific peer reviewers should not "have a conflict of interest" or "appear to lack impartiality." Of course, under such standards, just about anyone could be removed under an "appearance" of bias - by anyone or any group.

After EPA officials dismissed her from the five-member panel, they removed her comments from the panel's report on deca and removed all mention of her.

Environmentalists accuse the EPA of a "dangerous double standard," because under the Bush administration, many pro-industry experts have served on the agency's scientific panels.

Sonya Lunder, a senior analyst at the Environmental Working Group, called it "deeply problematic from the public interest perspective" for the EPA to dismiss scientists who advocate protecting health while appointing those who promote industry views.

Lunder said it is unprecedented for the EPA to remove an expert for expressing concerns about the potential dangers of a chemical. "It's a scary world if we create a precedent that says scientists involved in decision-making are perceived to be too biased," she said.

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Los Angeles), chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said he was disturbed by Rice's dismissal and the Environmental Working Group's findings about pro-industry panelists.

"If this information is accurate, it raises serious questions about EPA's approach to preventing conflicts of interest on its expert scientific panels," Waxman said.

Let's not forget who the EPA answers to: Dubya.

I *so* cannot wait until January 20th, 2009.


Journal Journal: Do you think, Troll/Flame... negative points are a waste? 3

I do not issue Troll/Flame... negative points, do you ... why?

Sometimes on /. those with privilege points rate me troll/flame ....

Reality on /. frequently troll indicates rejection of concept/idea.
It is like the flawed logic of saying "god is dead" ....

The real troll (on /., I think) is wasting a point that could be
use on promoting the better/important comments of others. Troll
pointing to reject any ideas/facts is fascist/dogmatic/silly.

A point wasted is always the real troll (on /.), because no points
would provide more negative impact than any troll or flame points.
Those who enjoy wasting points with negatives, PLEASE, give me more.
I will not be offended, negative points are frequently compliments
promoting my/others views.

Note: On /. users can set their point filters for or against troll/funny....

If you don't understand the above note, and don't understand that negative
points are a two edge sword, well !HAVEFUN!.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Because, S_O_E made me do it ...%~P 7

Journal of smitty_one_each (243267)
SLASHBACK : Memeprisal - "This Time, It's Prisonal"
2008.02.11 19:02

Post a comment to this thread, and as the great S_O_E requested
I will, make my best, attempt to do the following (NoProblem on #7):

1. Tell you why I befriended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, etc..
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you must post this in your Journal/Blag/whatever.

PLEASE blame, S_O_E ... I am but a mindless minion at this social juncture.

It is an interesting study in personality/character/nature ... I mean, I could disable comments and stay withing the letter of the agreement, but then I would be no better than most politicians, clergy, plutocrats ... [AKA: spirit/intent spinners].

Thanks S_O_E ... "Prison"al%~? metaphor/analogy

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