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Comment Now there's no reason to port games natively (Score 1) 206

So basically this is the future of gaming. You own nothing, you just rent and there is absolutely no reason to put any work into porting games or at least making them compatible with WINE so long as Onlive or its successors technically work. There is no single player because Onlive is essentially a form of always on DRM. Their servers go down, no gaming for you. At least with WINE there is the possibility of eventually playing a game offline with or without some outside server being involved.

Comment Re:Just my theory. (Score 2) 378

I think we just found the real problem: a perceived hostile work environment. Would you want to work in a field where you thought/found that most of your co-werkers thought you were inferior/didn't belong there? I wouldn't and I am guessing that neither would they.

Comment electricity pedant (Score 1) 1

The rate of power transfer through a circuit is specified using the watt unit of measure which is equal to one joule per second. Voltage measures the potential difference across a load. eg. the degree with which electrons are kicked in the arse to get moving. Anyway, the solar power produced would probably work quite well combined with the capture of power during breaking/pedalling. You could even adjust it to give you more resistance for training or generating power for the lights or a radio or something.

Comment Re:Missing option, and only option needed: (Score 2) 840

Wait a minute there, some beers are supposed to be cool but not cold; many european beers for example. A lot of the reason people like their beer cold here is because it deadens their sense of taste. When a lot of the beer brewed in the US gets warm, you can taste it and frankly more often than not, you wish you hadn't.

Comment yeah right (Score 1) 1

"I dropped out of college because of Ubuntu" is just about the laziest reason anyone could come up with to justify giving up on college. Computers loaded with Windows are pretty much everywhere so even if you bought her lazy excuse that Ubuntu didn't do anything that she needed, she could go to a library and fix that problem right then and there. The fact that she didn't just shows that she didn't have the intelligence to make it in college with or without Windows.

Comment linux 3.0 (Score 1) 179

Linus earlier said that there is no major change in this release. This version comes with the usual two thirds driver changes, and a lot of random fixes.

please tell me he isn't thinking about adopting firefox and chrome's release model...
in all seriousness, it still looks like this is more of a rumor than anything that is going to be done for a while.

Comment Re:Plugins needlessly broken by new version number (Score 1) 315

Extensions that fail to work solely because they didn't set the max compatitibility setting to 5+ are by definition poorly programmed. Take a look at the release notes, they didn't screw with anything really major that should take down extensions. I'd understand if they just gutted the whole thing and replaced all sorts of things under the hood but this was the equivalent of a minor bug fix.

Comment Re:Slashdot community's constant hating on Firefox (Score 1) 315

that's a bug fix not a major version. in any case, right now I'm sitting here in firefox with the browser using 340 megs of ram with one tab open. that's an operating system worth of ram being used while just sitting here. the other day after the update was out, java crashed firefox and took the OS with it somehow. there are huge gaping problems that are not being dealt with.

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