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Comment Re:Tornadoes (Score 1) 172

Price - people that live in tornado prone areas build houses effectively of straw... Cheap as hell... Natural light also an issue, guess you could have a huge sunroof with a retractable protective cover for when tornadoes come, but again, price.

Comment Re:laws change (Score 1) 937

Define crap/trash/pollution...

Do you know what emmissions will be causing concern in the future? Do you think anyone in the 1500's had a clue what CO2 was?

Seriously... Your point is pointless.

The timescales you are talking on are not in comparison. What advances have we had from 1500-1600? the next centuries?

Technological advance has acceletated due to growing populations and a smaller percentage of that being in agriculture (non sophisticated).

Recently the switch has been more (%age wise) to services, but those also need huge R&D budgets...

Inevitably, sooner or later (and I am guessing sooner - decades scale) we will see a technology that no one but some obscure Sci-Fi writer envisioned (no reference to Azimov obviously, far from obscure).

Either mankind will continue to advance and expand - or we have reached our limit, and THAT is a sad though.

Comment Re:Efficiency. (Score 1) 937

That really depends on where you live. I know that what you say is true in Germany for example, you insure the car not the driver. In the UK it is the driver that is insured with either:

Third Party, Fire and Theft - YOU are covered on YOUR vehicle for damage done to others or if you car is damaged by fire or is stolen - if the accident is your fault they will not cover the cost of your car - this is compulsory to have by law

Comprehensive - YOU are covered on YOUR vehicle or any other that you are allowed to use (usually a few caveats to this - I can use my mothers car if she allows me as it's less powerful and not much more expensive than mine, but I definitely need the owners permission and other conditions, usually faily loose) - this is optional, but the majority of people who can afford it (basically anyone over 25 years old) buy it.

Funnily enough average Fully Comprehensive prices are cheaper than average Third Party, Fire and Theft prices due to the demographics of who goes for which

Comment Re:Efficiency. (Score 1) 937

The more powerful the engine the highger the optimal driving speed (taking into account aerodynamics) - id imagine a BMW 7 series 6 litre V12 would do quite well at 90+

I have the same thing with my car - 2006 Merc SLK280 - 3 litre V6, 250ish horses - but here I think it's more the aerodynamics, much smaller footprint - when I borrow my mums car (need something with 4 seats, big boot, whatever, 2013 C250 - 2 litre petrol, just over 200 horses I think, I get much better efficiency at around 55-60 than in mine, but it I take it past that, it drops off. If I take mine past that it keeps improving til around 80 and surpasses the modern, smaller, "more efficient engine" by quite a bit, think turning point is around 65.

Think it's also partly to do with the gearing being tuned for a higher top speed - means much lower revs.

Comment Re:The best perk (Score 1) 524

Someday I'd like to at least visit a "we pay lots but it sucks to work here" company, just to see what it's like.


as has already been posted much below, go work in finance... I have been a trader (with plenty of coding involved) for just over 7 years.

I took a job several years ago which had the whole "It's a great place to work, but we pay less" within the industry and I took is as a safehaven for several years while a few family issues were playing out (brother relocating to Singapore while father was dying, etc, etc...) only to have the business shut down by someone higher up having no idea what we were doing (we NEVER lost money in any single month).

The thing is, if you go into that type of job you NEED to get properly, and I mean PROPERLY paid for it.

I would love to work for a company where I know the people who run it, but for now my skill set is invalid. Getting there though...

Comment Re:Poor summary (Score 1) 468

Argh, more science please.WE DO NOT KNOW. WE BELIEVE THE MOST LIKELY SCENARIO GIVEN THE AVAILABLE KNOWLEDGE is that... There is no - Scientists say X is the case. There can be a case of most scientist agree that X is the most likely case. We have no PROOF of evolution. We have EVIDENCE that suggests that it is the most likely progression of life through the ages. I BELIEVE in evolution. That does not mean that, as a scientist, I would completely discount an different theory if there were facts (observable or otherwise) to strongly support such a theory I would completely disregard is. Confirmation bias is a bitch. I constantly have to force myself to read articles/papers on theories that I suspected were a shut case. Please. We do not KNOW anything.

Comment Re:Retire at 20 (Score 1) 358

Which lasts you... after inflation is taken into account, what? 25 years? Die at 45. Awesome

I am 27 and recently worked out that for me to keep my quality of life (and adding a hell of a lot of free time (which costs money to utilise)) I would need ~£8 million or so (just under $13 million) to say today "I will NEVER work again".

If you find a hobby-job, that keeps you busy, you enjoy and at least breaks even then it's a different story.

Comment Re:Oh yeah?? (Score 1) 1052

Idiot. Know many people that went with the Galaxy Note just because of the screen size (though crappy resolution for that screen size). Fits it suit pocket. Over 50 with sight issues and can READ what's on the screen! Important!

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