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Comment Re:No skill (Score 1) 170

actually I saw some kind of documentary on a group in Europe that tracked individual roulette wheel results to use physical bias against them. they would observe the wheel to get statistical bias for certain numbers. This in turn would allow them to put the odds slightly in their advantage. Now casinos swap them out because of the bias or something like that

Comment Re:no clue on the council (Score 1) 53

Maybe we could take the pile of bureaucrats over to the NSA and ask them to disclose which encryption/security measures have frustrated them the most, or required the largest efforts to bypass. I'm sure that there is technology that is exponents cheaper to just socially (you know just kind of take the keys through a warrant or whatever) overcome than to actually bypass. The biggest problem in systems that are built to be secure is generally social integrity not actually technology problems.

Comment In other news (Score 1) 795

97% of all climate scientists receive politically motivated funding and drink the same cool-aid. That said, in my spot on the planet we receive the gift of temperature inversion every winter. This traps the air blown in from China in my valley and everyone gets upper respiratory problems. I don't have a problem with people releasing as much CO2 as they want (plants love it! Green houses are good for plants), but particulates ... well please keep it down India, China, LA, factory down the highway.

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