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Comment Really, just a footnote? Farewell my friend. (Score 3, Interesting) 124

I have been visiting slashdot almost from the day it started. In the early days I learned a lot by reading posts and following discussions on technical subjects by people with superior knowledge. It was inspiring.

Slashdot has not been like that for several years now. The interesting bits have become increasingly hard to find among all the patent nonsense, speculation and general news. (The Egyptian coup is news for nerds apparently).

I could put up with that. Even though I started visiting Slashdot less often and often just skimmed it before leaving off to sites like arstechnica or stackexchange.

But to see that Slashdot only spends _a footnote_ on the death of Douglas Engelbart, just really does it. This is not the Slashdot I knew and loved. We just have to face the facts and stop pretending; it is over.

So Slashdot, thank you for all the things I have learned and the joy you gave me over the years, but it is time to part my friend. Farewell.

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