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Comment Re:Partisan Content? (Score 1) 209

The difference between the viewership of Fox News and MSNBC is the latter's demographic views biased news as a problem, and the former views bias in news as the Free Market(TM) at work. MSNBC types enjoy that network's criticism of Fox News so much that they're blind to their own biases.

Comment Tax incentives (Score 1) 234

Give companies that open-source their old software a percentage of their initial investment costs back in tax deductions; the sooner they do it, the more they should be able to recoup as the greater the benefit will be to the open-source community. This can be paid for by leveraging open-source software in government functions to save operating costs.

Comment Re:Hooray for the Idiot tax! (Score 1) 2416

The only people being taxed under Obamacare are those with enough money to buy insurance but who choose not to do so. We have a term for people like that -- idiots. It's an idiot tax. Obama is taxing idiocy.

As somebody who makes a couple thousand dollars a year more than the level required for government assistance, *ahem* Fuck You.

Comment Re:Enlightenment please (Score 1) 2416

Why are Americans so convinced that amoral profit seeking corporations have their best interests at heart, and not an elected government whose power is given to them by the people?

Because said government is in bed with those so-called amoral profit-seeking corporations and those who take your taxes are no more deserving of your blind trust and obedience than those whom you choose to give your money.

Comment Re:So from here on out ... (Score 1) 2416

If you're in a low enough income bracket

133% of the poverty line is something like 26-28 thousand dollars a year. I make a couple more than that. I can't afford insurance, so the only option for me is to go work for a bigger company or get slapped with a huge fine. Stop slapping people with the Fox News rhetoric when you don't even consider what happens to those who don't fit into your myopic view of everyone as extremely rich or poor.

Comment Re:Pirate it and don't feel guilty. Paying is immo (Score 2) 479


I agree (mostly) with your arguments, but I fail to see how stealing programming because you dislike the medium in which it's delivered is moral. If you don't like ad-driven television or services like Hulu, either buy them in a medium in which you don't have to watch ads (on DVD, iTunes, Amazon, Netflix) or don't watch.

I usually just read a book.

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