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Comment Works for me (Score 1) 403

I don't develop for Linux but I do build keyboards & program them using TMK or QMK firmware. Getting a development environment for this stuff installed in Windows in the past has been a bear. I just yesterday installed the Linux subsystem and it really does work. This is great 'cause I'm about to begin another keyboard project & I don't need to dual boot just to build the firmware.

Comment Re:How does Fedora compare to Ubuntu? (Score 2) 154

My hardware is a Dell Optiplex 9010 - 3rd gen core I7, 16 gig of ram, CoolerMaster 500 watt PSU, GTX750Ti, Mushkin Reactor 1tb SSD. And this motherboard might as well be an engineering prototype from Intel. Every chip is Intel and even the "Dell drivers" downloaded from Dell support are just generic Intel driver packages.

But maybe you're right and this setup is just shitty hardware. But it's shitty hardware where Ubuntu 16.04 stumbles & Win 10 runs a treat. Maybe someday I'll buy some "good hardware" so I can run Ubuntu.

Comment Re:How does Fedora compare to Ubuntu? (Score 3, Informative) 154

Just uninstalled Ubuntu 16.04 here after about three weeks & installed Win 10. The file manager in Ubuntu would constantly cease to function. If you clicked on the icon the background would pulse with changing color as if it were launching then, after about 20 seconds, the pulsing would stop. That's it - no response, error message, crash report - nothing. And it's not just a file manager, it also handles auto mounting of flash drives, external hard drives, etc..

There were also crashes of something in the background with the crash report icon appearing in the dock. But the freezing file manager was finally intolerable. I might have had more patience or tried to diagnose if this hadn't been a long term support release. I had to reboot Ubuntu 16.04 more than my time with Win 8, 8.1, & 10 combined.

If this is the best LTS release Ubuntu can come up with I'd advise using anything else.

Comment Re: Gold you say? (Score 0) 156

Way off-topic here

At an island stop on a Caribbean cruise, the QE2 was in port along with my ship & some others. The QE2 sailors were in uniform as they snooped in the shops & strolled the streets. If you engaged them in conversation - no matter what the subject was - they would all manage to wedge in - "She'll do thirty knots!".

Comment Re:Please use 'bokeh' in a more useful way (Score 1) 50

(Way off topic here)

Decades ago I read in many photo magazines (remember them?) that one of the reasons that so many pros used Leicas was the superiority of the Zeiss lenses which contributed to the "Leica look". Images shot with a Leica just had a certain look, or quality, that the pros preferred over other cameras. Then I read an article by a fellow talking about the same thing but going into more depth and, among other things, explaining why, in an image from a Leica camera, even the out-of-focus elements looked better.

I thought it was all hooey 'till I bought an M6 and only then did I learn that it was all true. I got some neat shots with that camera and yes, photos shot with a Leica had that pop-off-the-paper look unlike any other camera I've owned.

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