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Submission + - Steam adding PC games region locking. (

will_die writes: Because of the recent currency devaluation Steam has now added region locking for games sold in Russia and CIS. Brazil and local area and Indonesia and local area are also being locked.
Where the locking affects you is if you purchase a game from one of those regions you cannot gift it to somone outside of the area. So someone from Russia can gift a game to someone to Georgia but not to someone in the USA.
You want to see the prices in the Russia store and compare them to the Steam Christmas Sale which should be starting in a few hours.

Submission + - The C-64 turns 30. (

will_die writes: "The Commodore 64 came out 30 years ago and to celebrate this the BBC went and got two groups of kids to try out an old system, complete with tape drive.
Sure to bring a few grins to people who had one of theses old systems."

Submission + - Finland trail to try scanning snail mail. ( 2

will_die writes: In an effort to cut carbon emissions, and reduce costs, Finland's postal company, Itella, has begun a pilot program wherein snail-mail letters are converted into PDFs and made viewable online by their addressees, instead or in advance of physical delivery. The effort is volunteer only, a little over 100 people and around 20 business as of last month, but it has already sparked concerns in Finland about privacy and government overreach.
The volunteers will have images of all their letters viewable on a computer or phone. The postman will still arrive twice a week to deliver the scanned letters, as well as any packages or attachments. Additionally, the postal service will filter out junk mail.

Submission + - Buy Thor for $10,000 and the Ark of Truth for $5K (

will_die writes: Propworx after all the recent auctions for their Battlestar Galactica props are now selling off 15 years of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis props. Over the next couple of months minor items will be sold off on ebay and the major items will be sold off in two live auctions.
Ebay auctions will consist of smaller props, most costumes, drawing and even parts of stargates. The live auctions will contain items such as the Thor puppet, The Ark of Truth and the only fully working Stargate*.

*Multiple Stargates needed for travel.

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