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Comment In Texas (Score 3, Interesting) 317

In Texas they came out and said the reason was for the privacy of others. You have no right taking pictures of others in the voting place be it directly or in the background so they are not allowed within 100 meters of the voting area. Since you cannot have a camera in the area there is no camera in the privacy of the booth.

Comment Re:The big gap in the plans (Score 2) 222

You will not have steaks and meat, even vegan "steaks" take a lot of processing. Unless you take a vegetable cut it up and call it a steak or piece of meat.
There has been a lot of work done on the food issue from NASA and individuals. there is a place called the Mars Desert Research Station which researches growing in mars simulated environments and soil, except for gravity. Reports from the ISS have shown gravity is not really that much of a matter for some plants.
The one thing that is needed is lots of water and lots of manual labor. So while you might not be working in a mine you would probably be working on a farm.

Comment Re:Seems like violating the 4th amendment, not the (Score 1) 432

Not many people go around making sure their fingerprints are private.
I could see a judge approving the taking of them on the basis that fingerprints could be found without the help of the person with just a little time and are public info. Going this just makes sure the correct one is available.
I am sure this will go to the Supreme Court and now with Scalia not being around it may be allowed.

Comment It is about time. (Score 1) 493

We need an answer and an explanation on hillarys knowledge about russian's time travel capability.
Since her claim is that trump told them to go back in time and get the email we need to know what else they can do. Also who leaked this info to trump, since he now knows enough to ask the russian to go back.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 68

They wouldn't. From the description this is more like a grocery store that only has fruits/vegetables and refrigerated items. You would grab those items that you need, electronically order everything else for delivery to your house. I would guess they are aiming for the people who like to select their own fruit/vegetables/meat cuts and are worried that the items if selected by the store employee would be bruised, rotting, bad cuts of meat, etc.
The standard convenience store would go on as it is with gas/snacks/lottery cards, etc. Those would not be provided by these stores.

Comment Re: Lost emails (Score 2) 404

No she was not authorized to approve her own email server. This was clearly written down in Obama and previous policy. Before you bring up Powel and his use of AOL he had written permission from outside the department of state to use it, and he was under rules that had changed after he left.
You are also wrong about the "authorized person" what that gave her as secretary of state was control over DoS generated material. She was not authorized to take material from DoD and decide it was unclassified. She was not authorized to decide what to government documents she had to turn over, federal law decides that. Go read US Code Title 18 for more info, don't believe this stuff you copied from hillarys web site and has been disproven in federal hearings.

Comment Re:Lost emails (Score 1) 404

Since you are claiming that she knew that the documents were confidential and on a unauthorized computer that is totally wrong that she had a duty to delete them.
She had a duty to secure the machine and the material and report it. The people who she report it to have the responsibility of approving when and how the material is deleted or contained.
What criminal convictions does trump have against him? Also mentioning the charges against hillarys for embezzlement really don't help your argument. The problem with your thinking is that trump has been in the public eye and has been a very successful business man(around 99% of his businesses have shown a profit) in places that are known for being highpoints of liberal corruption. He had to deal with that and work with corrupt people, same way Obama is given a wave with his linkage in Chicago. Don't forget the lawsuit against trump for being an "American Indian Witch".
There is no way that she could of stolen the baby's breath, first it would take some competence and she has yet to demonstrate that.

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