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Submission + - NSA Is Waiting For A Major Incident To Create New Cyber Law

wiedzmin writes: It appears that the NSA is waiting for a major incident to create new cyber law that would grant them open access to private networks. Hit up the link above for some quotes or check the EFF website for an entire page dedicated to tracking how over the years NSA has been consistently making strides towards expanding warrantless wiretapping provisions under the guise of "prevention" and "cooperation".

Submission + - Feds Get Megaupload Skype and Email Records for Pa

wiedzmin writes: It’s not clear how federal investigators gained access to the conversations of founder Kim DotCom and other top managers, but they have now allegedly obtained Skype logs and email conversations between DotCom and his top lieutenants for the past 5 years. Since the criminal investigation didn’t begin until a few months ago, this puts under question Skype's message retention policy which states that “IM history messages will be stored for a maximum of 30 days”. The records are said to be obtained via warrant, but if they were not provided by Skype or obtained from confiscated computers, it raises all sorts of illegal wiretapping questions. Lets hope someone gets a copy of that warrant under the FOIA.

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