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Submission + - Female Passengers Say They Were Targeted for TSA Body Scanners (

wiedzmin writes: TSA agents in Dallas singled out female passengers to undergo screening in a body scanner, according to complaints filed by several women who said they felt the screeners intentionally targeted them to view their bodies. Allegedly, women with "cute bodies" were directed through the body scanners up to three times over by female agents, who appeared to be acting on a request from male agents viewing the scans in a separate room. Apparently this was done because the scans were "blurry", possibly due to autofocus problems with agents' smartphone cameras.

Submission + - Man uses scanned copy of his passport on iPad to e 1

wiedzmin writes: Canadian man was able to enter the U.S. by presenting a scanned copy of his passport, on his iPad screen, to the U.S. border officer. Martin Reisch says the officer looked mildly annoyed when he attempted to use the iPad as a form of identification, but checked his file and waved him through anyways. He was also able to get back to Canada later, use the same identification method.

Submission + - Airline pilots now allowed to skipTSA screening (

wiedzmin writes: "Federal authorities are tacitly acknowledging that, despite their best efforts, it's impossible to keep domestic aircraft safe from all evildoers. That's because if a pilot wants to crash a plane, the pilot can crash a plane. With that in mind, the Transportation Security Administration began a program Tuesday allowing pilots to skirt the security-screening process." I guess if you're a bad guy, first place you want to look for something to use as a weapon is in the bag of a guy wearing a pilot's uniform.

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