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Comment Re:Not family sharing, more like account borrowing (Score 1) 263

Your friend list on Steam details what said friends are currently playing. If it's one of your games, then you can send them a message that you're going to boot them off so they can save quickly. This isn't rocket surgery folks.

Of course, just because the function is built into Steam, it's still up to each individual publisher/developer to enable it for their games. That'll be the biggest stumbling block, I'm sure. Indies will quickly adopt it, leaving the big publishing houses to only have it for their new games from this point forward.

Comment Re:Superlatives are superlative! (Score 2) 104

Totaling up the numbers on the page, only $2.1 million are pre-orders ($695 and up). The remaining donations bring the total to $3.1 million. So, I guess they have mystery-backers that are not on Indiegogo that they add in. Or are they just fudging the numbers? Nobody knows, you just take their word for it.

But, as far as proven crowd-sourced backers, they've raised $3.1m. That's on-par with several Kickstarter projects (Doublefine's adventure, Wasteland 2 come to mind). Ouya brought in $8 million from the general public.

Comment What's the deal with this "spying" stuff? (Score 1) 216

Why are people so hell-bent on saying MS will spy on you masturbating in your living room with this Kinect, when Microsoft has been making an operating system, webcam hardware, drivers that connect the two for many, many years? Really, if spying on everybody is what they're out to do, they would have far more options doing it via Windows rather than the small percentage of the general population that has an Xbox.

Comment Re:Same moronic moaning (Score 2) 80

... but they could.

That's the entirety of every fear-mongering article of anything in the tech sector. Sure, right now DOOM is the latest awesomeness in graphics, but they could release their next game as a text adventure. That will be the end of graphics entirely. We cannot stand for this! We must revolt now, before the end is here!! Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh.

Comment Re:Is this realy that hard (Score 2) 91

It's hard to go wrong with Ting. Just with the month-to-month billing, one month might be high, next month could be low. It's much better than every other plan's high rates every month. With a little modification to my behavior (not downloading 100MB podcasts on the cell network), I had gotten my plan down to around $20 a month.

Another weird thing, apparently Sprint was slowing down old phones in my area. My EVO 4G was ok, getting 300-500 kbps when I first got it. A few years down the road, it's pulling 50-150kbps. I had been waiting 4 years for WiMAX 4G to come to my area with no luck. Why upgrade to a better phone, when the network is so sucky and moving to LTE means it'll be another 10-20 years for it to come to my area?

I bail on Sprint, and go to Ting. After a year there, I noticed the Galaxy S3's prices on eBay are reasonable now. I make the upgrade. The first thing I did was a speed test. It's doing 1500kbps. WTF? The old EVO was barely chugging along mere seconds ago. If Sprint wasn't so stupid, I guess throttling old phones to entice me to upgrade, I wouldn't have bailed on them. In the end, I win.

Comment Re:They're going for gameplay. Again. (Score 1) 335

My brother had his Xbox360 over to the house, and I had a chance to compare a game (Saints Row 3) against my PC plugged into the TV. What I've been taking for granted with a modernish PC (AMD 965 CPU, with a 6870 video card), has graphics so far more advanced than what the 360 can put out it's amazing. The Xbox One and PS4 will have the same sort of graphics as this (and it's much needed), but will stay at this level for another 5-8 years while PC technology increases.

DRM on the PC side seems to have come around in the last few years. There is much less of a concentration on number of installs and such, many games patched to remove those types of DRM. Steam's DRM is unobtrusive and welcomed by many gamers. Yet the console makers want to get even more stringent, letting you register a used game for only $52. Yeah, I'll wait 3 months for it to be 25-75% off on Steam, thank you very much.

Comment Re:Benchmarks are nice, but... (Score 1) 305

It should be enough to handle the vast majority of the Xbox Live/Playstation Network type games though. I think that would be the niche they need to aim for, not the next Call of Assassin's Effect Yearly Sequel 43.

I think convincing devs to port to it will be the hardest thing for them, though. I'll wait and see before buying.

Comment Re:As a teacher... (Score 1) 96

But, but, making kids learn to use a different product?? That is just Ka-Razy! Kids need to only know one product and that is all. Why, if they learn to navigate menus in too many different applications, they're liable to go and use something that doesn't make me money!

It's been a long while since I left the tech-support field, but that was one of my biggest pet peeves. Far too many people, who's job is to use a computer, just learn "Hit Alt-F, S, type document.doc, press Enter" and do not truly know what saving a file is, how to use a file/directory structure, etc. Drop another program in front of them, and they are completely helpless.

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