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Comment Re:Expected /. response (Score 1) 462

The leaking of what Microsoft software you've installed to Microsoft's servers is benign as well. Who fucking cares that Microsoft knows you have Office 2013 installed?

But that's the key point and that's the point that you keep misrepresenting.

No one outside Microsoft knows exactly what information is being transmitted to Microsoft.

Comment Re:Expected /. response (Score 1) 462

When in doubt, double down. Is that your approach?

Firstly, you apparently didn't read my comment that I wasn't discussing how apt works, only yum.

Secondly, the critical issue that you are missing is that if I install a package from an alternate repository (eg EPEL), my systems don't tell the main CENTOS mirrors about those EPEL packages. This is really the key difference between yum and what Microsoft is doing: Microsoft knows about everything installed on a system, irrespective of origin.

Thirdly, the mirrors only learn about installed packages if they are updated. If I install from a DVD and the package is never updated, no mirror will ever know that I installed it. I can install non-default packages from DVD should I so choose.

Finally, there is no fingerprinting involved in the yum transactions. If I have multiple machines behind a single IP address, the server doesn't have sufficient information to distinguish them. As well has having insufficient information to fingerprint individual systems, no user information is transmitted.

In summary, yes I am leaking some information, but it is benign.

Comment Re:Expected /. response (Score 2, Informative) 462

meanwhile when you run yum or apt, it sends an HTTP request for each individual piece of software you're updating or installing back to a central server--which actually does what people said Windows 10 does, but doesn't freak anybody out because... reasons. EVERYBODY PANIC!

Perhaps people don't freak out because you are wrong?

I can't comment on systems using apt, but for yum: my CentOS installations use either a local repository or they connect to a mirror. No "central server".

Also, I don't think that they query the yum server for every package installed on the system: instead, they download a single file that lists all the available packages in that particular repository, then they download only the necessary packages.

Comment Re:No more Linux Clients (Score 1) 275

For myself, I can't see any reason to use this Ubuntu-on-Windows. I have Linux test systems and I have Windows test systems.

Likewise, I run a Linux/Windows test system. It has a unified filesystem, under which files can be accessed transparently of the actual box on which they reside.

The Windows boxes run BASH and Perl scripts, but under Cygwin. As far as I can tell, this Ubuntu on Windows is completely useless for me because (unlike Cygwin) the environment does not have access to the full filesystem of the Windows boxes.

Comment Re:This will never happen, even if I want it to. (Score 2) 269

Or, to put it another way, when the people who really wield the power don't get their way, there will be more referenda until the people fall into line. In this case, those wealthy people were tired of the EU rules getting in their way, so they wanted the UK out of the EU.

[Why does my spellchecker think that "referenda" isn't a valid spelling?]

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1, Troll) 373

You people are thoroughly disgusting. You're the reason people outside The Six Cities That Matter don't trust liberals, .. blah blah...

Let's be realistic, most rural dwellers simple could not compete if they had to live in the cities. Here in the Bay Area, anyone working a technical job has to compete with the best people from arount the world.

You are just envious of our skills and abilities. You would prefer to drag people down to your level instead of attempting to raise yourself to our level.

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