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Comment Re:Not hard to fix... (Score 1) 408

Make H1bs more desirable by making switching company easier, giving dependents work status

Not going to work. Those Indian H1B holders incur huge debts for "relocation" and the Indian companies are going to want their pound of flesh if the H1B holder changes company.

No, the suggestion was given elsewhere. It's simple and obvious: prioritize H1B assignment by salary. Highest salary gets the visa. This would have to be backed up by regulations to ensure that the hiring company is not able to claw back that salary somehow.

Comment Re: I'm in the 29% (Score 1) 100

A while ago, both my son and I had the same model of Samsung phone. When the phones were about 4 years old, my phone got an OTA update, but my son's phone did not.

The difference? I had downloaded and installed an update that was only available via Kies. It was never pushed as an OTA update.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 248

Exactly how many acts of terrorism, or even suspected terrorists in the USA came from the affected countries in the past couple of decades?

If you really thought that such bans will keep your family safe, you should be advocating loudly for bans affecting Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and many other countries.

The reasons that people say the travel ban is Islamaphobia is that it is not based on facts, Trump has a history of saying he wants to ban Muslims and places in which Trump has business interests appear to have escaped the ban.

This country should not adopt policies that are based in false fears.

Comment Re:sorry, no (Score 1) 448

"shipping"? It costs that much more to ship from China to New Zealand than from China to the USA?

In any case, ultimately, it's New Zealanders, not Apple, who is going to pay for this.

Maybe, maybe not. A rational actor sells products at the price that brings the most profit. If Apple's costs go up, that doesn't change the price expectations of Apple's customers.

Comment Re:sorry, no (Score 1) 448

What "benefit" does NZ provide to Apple? NZ didn't significantly contribute to the development, manufacture, or distribution of iPhones. All that happens is that iPhones arrive in NZ ports and New Zealanders buy them. And those activities are already heavily taxed through income taxes and sales taxes.

Please then explain why iPhones cost approximately 10% more in NZ than in the USA? Clearly there is some added value that had incurred in NZ.

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