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Comment Re:Developers, developers, developers (Score 1) 205

Simply put they were far too late to market to compete with the already established iphone & Android.

They were not too late: there were phones running some form of Windows long before the iPhone and Android.

No, they had the wrong vision for a phone. Their vision was Windows running on a small platform and it did not resonate with mass market buyers. Perhaps they saw the market as corporate buyers, not the consumers who buy phones today.

Comment Scripts on web pages, take ages to finish page. (Score 5, Insightful) 315

What annoys me the most is the effect of all those scripts on web pages. It's not possible to start reading many web pages for several seconds after it is initially rendered: I need to scroll down to read the text past the lead paragraph, but the scripts keep causing the page to be re-rendered and hence jump back up to the top again. Ugh!

Comment Re:UI chases fads (Score 1) 315

* The background used to be black on white, aka "light" themes.

And it was excruciating to look at for longer than a few minutes.

White on black used to be unreadable in CRT days, unless you had a really good monitor. Once your monitor was a couple of years old, white on black hurt the eyes more than any other theme.

Comment Whats the point? (Score 4, Insightful) 81

What's the point of this?

Most people who charge at home, charge at night. So, without storage, solar panels don't help.

But it's not "some storage", it's lots of storage. The largest residential Powerwall is 10kWh, so you would need 2 1/2 of these to fully charge a Leaf. A Tesla with the smallest 60 kWh battery would require 10 of them.

If you charge every night and drive an average commute (30-40 miles/day), then I suppose one Powerwall would be sufficient.

Comment "excel at their jobs"? (Score 1) 181

Those who exhibit heightened emotional intelligence excel at their jobs and stand out to employers.

I can believe the latter, but the former? That's going to depend a lot on what your job is. There are lots of jobs where EQ isn't particularly important and other forms of intelligence are more important.

Comment Fees == false advertising (Score 5, Insightful) 81

Let's be clear, all these fees exist as a way to hide the true cost of the service.

One that irritated me a lot was paying a property tax fee for a rental car at DFW airport. Why is this so bad? Because, had I not rented the car, the company would have still been required to pay that property tax. In other words, the tax wasn't directly tied to my rental of the vehicle. Why not charge a fee for the property taxes on their HQ? Or charge a fee for the salaries of the employee who checked me in and gave me the car keys?

Taken further, every service is going to cost 1 cent and the rest will be "fees and taxes". Perhaps at that point the FTC might step in?

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