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Comment Re:Picasso (Score 1) 360

Was the investment recouped, will the previous investment create incentive to make another great game?

This sentiment is a big part of why the most profitable parts of the game industry is now chasing cheap and crappy microtransaction money instead of creating big experiences and things aren't looking better each time an "artistic creator" goes bankrupt.

Comment Ditch the Wii U in 2 years (Score 1) 559

From today they should make the Wii SDK produce "fat" binaries with X86 aswell as PPC code and plan for a migration to the same AMD CPU/GPU(GCN) architechture that the Xbone/PS4 is already using in 2 years (But with better specs at a possibly cheaper price point).

That way they can remain a target for "AAA" developers and then put their differentiator as smaller/chilfriendly controllers by default and Mario/Zelda games, if they did right now and added forward compability with WiiU games they'd not upset anyone at that point (since the SDK would produce X86 code today and they could re-use most Wii U games until then on he new console).

Comment Re:This is going to affect the Playstation 4 fork (Score 1) 333

Well looking at the time this changeover has been in progress and that getting the userland and ports into sane order was the latter part of it i would suspect that they might already be running with llvm since the sony userland is probably stripped down and Sony's own code is running most of the show.

That is assuming that the Sony devs had a good clue and sanity enough to track the mother project..

Comment Re:1800 tabs (Score 1) 300

I'd say it evolved rather than developed, when you don't have excessive javascript and flash movies running you really don't notice the tabs other than with some memory requirement and now with the latest firefox versions tab loading is lazy so the memory requirement isn't even high anymore.

Comment Re:I feel pathetic (Score 1) 211

NURBS and other "procedural" methods has always been hampered by the fact that tools for them are usually unweidly.

Sure people have been using both methods for terrain and other "nature" features of worlds but for characters,etc the main consideration is how an artist should create the representation.

The simple fact is that it's so much quicker to do a bitmap texture and sculpt a mesh that even getting the outlines done with "mathematical" methods wouldn't happen in the time the full model is done with the classic tools.

Comment Heard from a psychologist specializing in this. (Score 1) 602

To begin their department have a diagnostic space with several axes onto where the classic autism and aspberger diagnoses are just specified areas in their diagnostic space. This is because the classic diagnoses are relatively static and might not pinpoint the correct treatments/remedies.

A big result of this is that they have realized that a lot of women with problems coping in society(crime,etc) in reality fits into parts of that diagnostic spectrum that would have made them fall out of the classic autism/aspergers diagnoses but still retain a multitude of "problems" in interactions with other people.

Submission + - Swedish stock exchange hit by programming snafu (

whizzter writes: I was reading the national news today and an image in a stock exchange related article struck my eye. An order had been placed for 4 294 967 290 futures (0xfffffffa or -6 if treated as an 32bit signed integer) each valued at approximately 15 000 usd giving a neat total of almost 65000 trillion usd. The order apperantly started to affect valuations and was later annulled, however it is said to have caused residual effects in the system and trading was halted for several hours.

Comment Perfect time for some learning? (Score 1) 503

Let your kid roam on the computer and once it slows down teach him to reinstall the computer himself.

Anti-virus programs are reactive rather than proactive so you should expect a windows machine to be infected soon or later (unless used by a somewhat obsessive noscript,etc user that avoids most risks).

Comment Fusion based cluster? (Score 1) 205

As you mention Teslas i guess using openCL with AMD could be an option?

Since the fusion chips share memory (for better and worse) with the main CPU you can apperantly get faster(0?) "transfer time" between CPU/GPU also maybe with this method it'd be possible to pump up the GPU cores with larger amounts of useable memory than usual?

And since they're cheap you could buy a bucketload of them.

Comment Re:Not sure what the user benefits are (Score 1) 82

Sure this is a big security issue for networked apps, especially those that listens on sockets.

However for many desktop utility apps (graphics programs,etc) that has a tendency to depend on cutting edge libraries, it's a major hurdle for users to try them out (without borking up half their system to go cutting edge for that single app). This might even be a reason for why linux has never really succeeded on the desktop since you either get a flawed experience or an outdated experience.

As for security, a 0install system like this could black-list insecure library versions until they get upgraded by the authors.

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