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Journal Journal: after a year

so wierd how things work out - like I was suppose to find this feature just so that I can let it out even if no one is reading - it has been a year since I moved from austin to san antonio to work for sbc. they hired me as a java developer but saw that they needed to use me as a tester since I had previous exp and the developers were taking advantage for these testers - I mean no docs and none of the testers really knew unix or how to write scripts - the environment is awful for a tester there...none of the projects schedule time for these testers as well - so I didn;t mind to much because I like to place myself in these kind of positions and not really ask for alot. when I do this I can cop and attitude and no one will do anything - that is a type of control since they need me as a resource I just ask for as little money as possible but that gives me a lot of power since now i can say pretty much anything ( as long as it's what I think is right) to anyone - I have yelled at many a managers but they won't do anything ( they'll yell back, if they think they are right) because they just see big $$$ around me since I'm working cheap. fun, fun....

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