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Submission + - Belgian professor in cryptography hacked - probably by NSA / GCHQ (

julf writes: Belgian professor Jean-Jacques Quisquater, internationally renowned expert in data security who has been heavily involved in the electonic payment chips, was the victim of hacking. And, as was the case in the Belgacom hacking affair, there are indications the American secret service NSA and its British counterpart, the GCHQ might be involved.

Submission + - Better than TV? White spaces bring wireless bonanza to West Virginia (

alphadogg writes: West Virginia University is an early adopter of "white spaces" technology, which uses vacant TV broadcast spectrum to bolster wireless connectivity. Because of the lower frequencies, these signals propagate very well – meaning they can penetrate walls, roofs and other obstacles. They also can reach much longer distances than Wi-Fi, and they can, in effect, “flow” over hills and valleys common in West Virginia. At WVU, for example, the radio distances range at full power up to five miles.

Submission + - Great Firewall of UK blocks game patch because of substring matches

Sockatume writes: Remember the fun of spurious substring matches, AKA the Scunthorpe problem? The UK's advanced "intelligent" internet filters do. Supposedly the country's great new filtering regime has been blocking a patch for League of Legends because some of the filenames within it include the substring "sex". Add one to the list of embarrassing failures for the nation's new mosaic of opt-out censorship systems, which have proven themselves incapable of distinguishing between abusive sites and sites for abuse victims, or sites for pornography versus sites for sexual and gender minorities.

Submission + - Ericsson CEO Joins Microsoft CEO Candidate List

jones_supa writes: Microsoft's lead independent director John Thompson, who is heading the search for the new CEO, wrote in a December blog post that the board plans to complete the process in the 'early part of 2014.' The board now is also considering Ericsson AB Chief Executive Officer Hans Vestberg as a potential successor to departing leader Steve Ballmer, according to people briefed on the search. Vestberg joined Ericsson in 1988 and served as the company’s chief financial officer from 2007 to 2009 before becoming CEO in January 2010. He has held management positions at Ericsson in China, Brazil, Mexico and the U.S., the company said on its website. Ericsson's shares and revenue have improved markedly under the lead of Vestberg. Microsoft's CEO search has been dogged with difficulty. Any new CEO enters a stressful position as he or she will have to turn around Microsoft, whose main software business is struggling.

Submission + - International Space Station life extended (

An anonymous reader writes: Times reports "Instead of splashing into the Pacific Ocean in 2020 as planned, the International Space Station will continue circling Earth for at least an additional four years, NASA announced on Wednesday. The cost of operating the station, about $3 billion a year, could then be devoted to the moon program.

However, it always seemed unlikely that the station, which was built at a cost of $100 billion and completed just three years ago, would be discarded that soon, and when the Obama administration announced it wanted to cancel the moon program, it gave the first extension, stretching the life of the station to 2020."

Submission + - Intel Loses Its Foothold On Android Tablets (

jfruh writes: The shift from PCs to smartphones and tablets has left Intel reeling, which is why it was such a big deal last year when Samsung used an Intel chip in its Galaxy Tab 3. Well, the next iteration of Samsung's top-end tablet is coming soon, and it appears that Intel's been dumped for a Qualcomm ARM chip. The reasons are straightforward: the Intel chips that can compete with ARM on power and performance don't have Android ports ready. Intel still hasn't given up on smaller-than-PC computing, though, unleashing a line of wearable computers at CES.

Submission + - Attempt to oust NSA from key standards group fails

An anonymous reader writes: The Crypto Forum Research Group (part of the IRTF) provides advice to the standards organization, IETF, on all things crypto. The co-chair of the group, Kevin Igoe, also happens to be an employee of the NSA. The recent Snowden revelations have caused significant disquiet in the crypto community, culminating in this request to remove Kevin Igoe from the co-chair position — stating that Kevin's NSA affiliation raises "unpleasant but unavoidable questions" regarding his actions. In a formal response, Lars Eggert (IRTF chair) has refused the request stating that the open processes of the IRTF and IETF are the safeguard against anyone attempting to subvert technical work.

Submission + - Hackers take down Online Games and get Streamer's House Raided ( 1

GnetworkGnome writes: Monday evening, 30 December 2013, hackers reporting from the Twitter account @DerpTrolling began following one of the most prolific video game streamers, PhantomL0rd, and started taking down Online video game servers on which he was playing. At its highest point, nearly 150,000 viewers watched the streamer, after League of Legends, DoTA2, and other games were interrupted. The hackers even posted the personal information of PhantomL0rd, then called the police to inform them that five hostages were being held at his residence. Police arrested the streamer as he emerged from his house for questioning.

Hours later, PhantomL0rd returned to an audience of nearly 100,000 viewers to explain what had happened. @DerpTrolling tweeted "@PhantomL0rd Glad you're back and okay." to the streamer upon news that he had been returned home. Nothing on the methods of the hackers has been confirmed, but massive DDOS attacks were believed to be their attack of choice against video game servers and more.

Submission + - Research Paper suggest Titan once had swamps / wetlands (

Taco Cowboy writes: Scientists from the department of Physics and Space Science of the Florida Institute of Technology and Applied Physics Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins University have published a paper outlining the possibility that Titan, a moon of Planet Saturn, may housed swamps / wetlands on it.

They based their findings on the impact craters on the moon are located mainly on unusually high elevation on the moon.

Their theory is that impact that have landed in the lower elevation might have been cushioned by " a shallow marine environment or a saturated layer of sediments more than several hundred meters thick " which would result in crater morphologies similar to those that have been found in the terrestrial submarine impacts (on Planet Earth), thus making them difficult to observe by the Cassini spacecraft

Submission + - IDC: PC shipments decline worse than forecast, no recovery expected (

symbolset writes: Zach Whittaker over at ZDNet covers an IDC report. In it the 2013 9.7% forecast decline in PC shipments is advanced to 10.1%. Further, IDC's longer-term forecast turns quite grim: contracting 23% from 2012 levels by 2017.

There is also a projection of future Windows tablet sales, and a statement that total Windows tablet sales for 2013 are expected to be "less than 7.5 million units".

Submission + - China Flight Tests New Stealth Combat Drone (

commonsensefp writes: China conducted the maiden test flight for its first “UFO-like” stealth combat drone on Thursday.

The unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) is called the Lijian or Sharp Sword. The flight test puts China in an exclusive club of nations that have domestically produced combat stealth drones. Analysts believe the Sharp Sword, which is powered by a fighter jet engine, will eventually be flown from aircraft carriers

Submission + - Microsoft to buy Winamp ? (

Jimpqfly writes: After Nullsoft announcement to shut down Winamp development and Shoutcast services, Microsoft looks interested in buying back the llama. For once, this would look like a good strategy for Microsoft in order to beat iTunes' ass ! Let's cross our fingers ...

Submission + - HP's NonStop servers go x86, countdown to Itanium extinction begins

An anonymous reader writes: HP has been the sole holdout on the Itanium, mostly because so much of the PA-RISC architecture lives on in that chip. However, the company recently began migration of Integrity Superdome servers from Itanium to Xeon, and now it has announced that the top of its server line, the NonStop series, will migrate to x86 as well, presumably the 15-core E7 V2 Intel will release next year. So while no one has said it, this likely seems the end of the Itanium experiment, one that went on a lot longer than it should have, given its failure out of the gate.

Submission + - Debian switches to Xfce, ditches GNOME (

sfcrazy writes: Debian will now benefit from the Xfce desktop environment as it is to switch from GNOME for Debian 8.0, codenamed “Jessie”. But GNOME may go back as the default if developers find it to be a better choice at the time of the evaluation, which will start around the point of DebConf (August 2014). “This will be re-evaluated before jessie is frozen (the switch to Xfce),” Hess said in the mailing list.

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