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Comment in further developments ... (Score 1) 597

Watch this space as some lilly-livered nanny-lovers suggest that manufacturers produce a unique tread on every shoe and tyre, speed limiters on every vehicle and RFID chips in every serving of fast food coupled with a scanner in every toilet bowl. Then maybe we can finally feel safe!

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Google Maps has denied allegations that their satellites are equipped with frikken terrorist-zapping lasers which are armed and ready to activate given the appropriate legislative amendments.

The Mongrel News has more -

Comment Re:windows, meh (Score 1) 1127

*Getting the card to work is simple! [even an idiot could do it]. Just grab the source code for the module and compile it against the kernel. insmod it and then use iwconfig to configure a WEP password ... *from ubuntu pocket guide

Really, you MS zealots crack me up - do you have a programmed function to paste this crap in each time someone mentions how fscking GOOD linux is now?

Comment Re:windows, meh (Score 1) 1127

+ 5 Funny (preaching to the converted)

ditto your experience ...

when I read the title of this post, the parallel universe version of me (which is STILL using XP) went, "Windows 7 DRM? Hmm, does that mean I can't get the free *cough* upgrade from my unlicensed install of Win XP?"

tell your boss - Windows is dead an an OS (until in desperation they make it $0 (but still closed). Get out while you can ...

Comment Re:Who cares how much it costs... (Score 1) 183

Just call it "stimulus" and us yanks will just print some more money for it. :/

There's nothing wrong in this economic environment with printing money.

Inflation and interest rates can easily get out of hand if we get to, erm, stimulated.

credit crises (now) > cash crises (after govt goes into deficit) > print money > inflation/high int rates ... if we add further job cuts into the mix at this stage the cycle renews > more foreclosures > housing slump, food prices spiralling.

printing money is the prescription under the old rules, but ...

Comment Re:Europa, but differently (Score 1) 183

Really if we're just looking for microbes we're bound to be disappointed.

not really. let's look for microbes (most likely candidates) and if the cameras capture some horns or stuff before *NO CARRIER* then we can all hang in excitement until the next mission arrives

Comment Re:access to space (Score 2, Insightful) 183

cheaper is one thing - getting space progs on a higher budgetary priority is at least as good.

we could have worked out a single mission visiting both by now if we didn't worry about crud like cold wars, wars on drugs/terror, etc ... oh well

BTW - i almost fell for the sig, nice one!

Comment Re:Uh? (Score 1) 388

... the people fixing problems where not even in the same country as the data centre.

We had a few people pulling cables and the like, but they were lowly paid people...

I don't get it - are you in Brazil, Russia, India or China?

Comment Re:There is too much money in Windows (Score 1) 555

...last I heard, Microsoft made something like 1/3 of their revenue from Windows...

bizarre if true - they pay HOW MUCH for an OS?
Office Jerks (.au) currently lists Vista Business for $417 full / $360 upgrade

I reckon there is some merit in TFA. We're in a cost-cutting part of the economic cycle. Even pointy-haired bosses can see that paying for an OS just doesn't make sense.

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