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Sun Microsystems

Journal webhat's Journal: 2 weeks to go... 4

One more week of working at Sun and I'll be free again to work for anybody I want, and the week after I should be flying to Asia. I'm still working on the exact plan for the holiday in Asia. I am still going to have to come to Zürich for 1 1/2 days, but that's fine. Then it's off...

Here's kind of the idea:

I should be leaving the first week of May - now the second week - after shipping all my shit back from Zürich to Amsterdam. Which won't be too much as I have been shipping a load of stuff back already for the last 2 weeks. Then my significant other and myself will be leaving by plane to Bangkok.

We first wanted to go by boat, taking one of those freighter cruises, but with me working that extra month in Zürich it just wasn't an option anymore. To spend 3 weeks traveling from Rotterdam to Singapore by freigher it just cuts into our time too much, even if we do make 7 stops along the way. (Colombo and Dubai being two of them.)

Once we have gotten ourselves to Ko Pangang for one of their excelent Full Moon Parties we will be traveling up towards Chang Mai, or depending on the mood - and monsoon - straight of towards India. We haven't decided where in India we are going to go, but have had loads of tips.

After India, if we haven't gone to Chang Mai we will go now. I really want to go back to the little village of Pie, which is on the Mae Hong Son loop, not for the Opium - BA! - but as it is a great place to go trekking. And because I met so many nice people there, ie travelers who went native.

Now we want to go from the North of Thailand - hopping on and off fishing boats - down the Mekong, which straddels the border of Thailand and Laos, through Cambodia to the Delta in Viët nâm. I've been to Viët nâm before - "I was in Nam, man!" -, so I don't see a problem getting in through regular channels, but to get there via the Mekong might be a challenge, although I've heard that it is possible to cross the border between Kaam Samnor (Cambodia) and Chau Doc (Vietnam).

Naturally while in Cambodia we want to go and see some of the tourist sites, such as Ankor Wat. And I made a promise to a friend that I would go and visit at the school she build and help out for a week or two.

After arriving in Ho Chi Min City, formally known as Saigon, I will stay at the Hotel I stayed at last time, if it's still there. It was a wonderful place, with user friendly people. ;) From there we will be going up to Hanoi, where we will take the train via Hong Kong to Beijing.

From Beijing we are going to take the Trans Mongolian Express to St Petersburg, over Moscow. And from Moscow^WSt Petersburg back to Amsterdam.

Now with all this travel you can understand why we wanted to go by boat in the first place. Oh, and I will be updating my /. JE as I go.

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2 weeks to go...

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  • by elmegil ( 12001 ) *
    Whatchoo do for Sun? (I am in Chicagoland working for Service).
    • I work for CS customer thingy, currently working on a project for a huge german owned package delivery service. They are upgrading their Directory Server from 4.x to 5.2p3 and I'm the systems expert they hired to build the installer for this specific solution.

      My alternate mail adress for Sun is my /. nick @sun.com :)
      • Ah, you're one of the wizards then, knowing how to muck about with all that LDAP stuff :-)
        • Yep, and I'm trained in bitching about those #^!@*# people who coded JES DS 5.

          Wizard... I guess you could say that... I was part of a team who wrote a DS which still kicks DS5's ass, which is where I got my training. :)

"Help Mr. Wizard!" -- Tennessee Tuxedo