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Comment Re:What's the answer? (Score 1) 134

The thing I personally dislike about two-factor authentication is that I have to give a bunch of people I don't even know, my phone number. However, it would be tempting to get a cheap feature phone just for this capability.

Ha! 17:1 is truly wise. I not only love 21:19, I lived it, for 19 years. :-)

Comment What's the answer? (Score 1) 134

Remembering lots of passwords is not possible for most people.

Keeping all the passwords the same is not smart.

Using a password vault seems logical, except that any such vault is a huge target for hackers. Certainly any vault in the cloud is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Two-factor authentication is probably the best solution -- unless your phone is at the bottom of the river, or your employer puts you in a spot where phone service is non-existent, like the basement. Of course, for those of you who are doing everything via phone, these two arguments don't apply.

No method is perfect. In the end, each of us are left to work things out as best we can.

Comment Re:It happened to me (Score 1) 346

I'm sure this works if you have it packed and boxed and labeled correctly, etc. I don't have a box to ship it in (the original is gone), I don't have any packing tape, and no way to securely seal the lable to the package. Will it really work if I just leave the knife on the porch with the piece of paper with the return label taped to it and a note that says, "Hey UPS guy, take care of this"?

Comment Re:It happened to me (Score 1) 346

I can totally believe that. That's a product ripe for exploiting. It's expensive, inconvenient to buy, and lot's of people need them.

BTW, not that I'm trying to sell a particular product, but since you mentioned razor blades, I've been using the Dollar Shave Club stuff for four years now and I am totally happy with them. I get five of the higher quality blades for $6 per month. Of course, they just got bought out by Unilever, so that might be the beginning of the end for DSC, but so far their products and service have been great.

Comment Re:It happened to me (Score 1) 346

While I am sure that it probably happens that companies do extra runs as you describe, I think it's erroneous to assume that "there is no company that is designing knockoff electric knives". China is famous for selling all kinds of knockoffs of all types -- batteries, chargers, cell phones, automobile parts, and so on. I cannot accept the simple argument that "B&D stuff is crap." I have a couple of friends and family members who have B&D electric knives and they function just fine. I also have a drill, orbital sander, and jigsaw made by B&D that are perfectly adequate. If I were a contractor, they probably would not be up to snuff, but as an occasional handyman they do just fine. No one expects Black and Decker to be the Lexus of the tool world, but they are not the Yugo of the tool world either. For that, you need to go to Harbor Freight.

Comment Re:It happened to me (Score 1) 346

Nope. Not so in my case. I just checked the instructions I received to make sure. There is nothing that says I can have UPS come pick up the package. In fact, the only place UPS is mentioned in the instructions is where it says, "We recommend returns be made via UPS insured freight or fedex insured only and you keep the tracking number so that you would make sure that we would receive the item."


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