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Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 484

We had about 400 GX270 in a Hospital. Operating rooms, Emergency rooms, etc. Most running 24/7.

We saw what they state in the Article, that is about a 97% failure rate in 3 years. And that is not counting the additional failures we saw of about %50 for the Hard drives, as well as substantial failures with power supplies.

Dell gave us 10 extra Motherboards to use, and they would send us a replacement board the next day. Some days we would go through all 10 boards.

Even with Dell paying us $50 every time we replaced a motherboard, it was unacceptable in a hospital to have such low quality hardware.

Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 484

With the GX270's we started to see Hard Drive failures at 6 months, and then Mother board failures at 1 year.

Initially Dell was sending faulty boards as replacements for the motherboards. later they sent out boards with most of the bad capacitors replaced, but not all. They finally sent out replacement boards that appeared to be problem free, but by this time we started having power supplies going out. And then the 3 year warranty was over. Which was extended to 5 years for the Motherboards only.(not much good without a power supply)

In the end it was not uncommon for a single Dell GX270 to have seen multiple Motherboards, Hard drives, and power supplies. If you were lucky enough to have all of them replaced with the newest/fixed versions the GX270 was actually not a bad computer.

Comment Re:The Only Change You Can Believe In (Score 1) 788

"Jesus was a liberal".....
What Jesus taught would be considered liberal if he was asking the Government to implement his teachings.

Jesus was asking the people(not Government) to take care of the sick, and help the poor, etc.

On the topic of Government Jesus did not advocate more Government.

Jesus was a conservative

Comment Re:Oklahoma? (Score 1) 1161

In this case the the process was not in place for the State Government to be able to override the University's decision.

  If the State Government really wants to put a process in place to override University decisions that can be done.

Denying this speaker would in no way set any legal precedence for who can and who cannot speak at the University. If Joe crazy decides to sue for the opportunity to speak at the University, he is going to lose.

Comment Re:Oklahoma? (Score 2, Insightful) 1161

The constitution does not guarantee anyone a forum in which to express their freedom of speech. Only that you have freedom of speech.

This is a state funded University, and has made the decision to invite Dawkins to speak. The University is Governed by the state Government, which in this case has decided they don't like the decision made by the University.

This is not a case about First Amendment rights, but a case of how much control the state Government has over their Universities.

Comment Re:Phelps poll (Score 1) 623

Lay off the pot, your logic and reasoning skills have obviously been impaired.

I know people who have been hurt and killed by others impaired by pot. It is dangerous even if you are too impaired to wrap your brain around it!

As for your second argument, I will say nothing more than refer you to my first argument.

Comment Re:Food for thought (Score 1) 386

Many small businesses still haven't upgraded their LAN's from 100MB to 1GB. Wireless hasn't officially finalized a spec more than 54MB.

What would gigabit benefit a wireless home user?

This just sounds like wasted money. I manage a network with around 500 nodes, and when I moved from 100MB to 1GB across the board the users didn't notice much speed difference on the LAN. And the 100MB broadband Internet connection we have shared between our users works well shared between 500 nodes, even downloading large linux distros while streaming HD video to to multiple sites we have no problems.

Comment Re:Hard evidence (Score 1) 271

I expect Obama to be confronted by the same conflicts, doubts, and difficulties faced by Bush. But I expect him to make far better decisions and implement them in far better fashion. He could hardly do worse.

The first 9 days Obama has already done worse than Bush had done his first year.

You talk about screwing up budgets and here Democrats and Obama are looking at the largest pork spending bill in history. This bill actually has things in it that will hurt the economy, with very little that will stimulate it.

Obama is in the process of screwing up:The Federal Budget, Environmental Policy, Foreign Policy, The Economy, and Freedom in America. And doing it without any resistance from congress.

The worse thing Bush did in his 8 years as president was try to work with Democrats. Together they increased Social Spending, increased Federal Government involvement in Education, and then there were the billions in bailout money that was full of pork.

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