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Submission + - Ultimate Developer Workstation

wawannem writes: I am currently creating a business plan for a startup I would like to create, and I am trying to budget for developer hardware. The startup is sort of a pie-in-the-sky idea, so I am asking for more than the typical IT budget. I am pricing hardware right now and I am wondering what other people think would make a great developer setup. The platform is sometimes referred to as SASH (Struts2, App Server (Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss or Resin), Spring, and Hibernate) as opposed to LAMP. So, OS doesn't really matter, but will most likely be Linux-based, therefore linux compatibility is a must. I also want to be able to take work home, so I want a laptop with the capability to dock at the office. I was thinking of a high-end laptop with dual-core processors, excessive RAM and HD space. The real question though is how to setup the workstation in the docked environment. I was considering a dual-monitor setup so that I can run eclipse on one monitor and a web browser in the other. I figured that might be harder than it sounds since many laptops don't have dual video cards. I remember reading a "Joel On Software" entry a while back, but I would imagine the information would be dated and that entry concentrated mostly on furniture and office layout. I am wondering more about specific setups that were or would be productive for people doing similar work now.

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