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Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 1) 727

How the college I attended did it....

1. Semester: VB 6.0 (it was in 2003)
  - Doing more than the required work gave you negative points on your marks... People didnt bother learning much due to the teaching destroying interest :(
3. Semester: ASM and C for PIC-Microcontrollers
  - Mostly useful, though somewhat messy since the teacher really didnt know ASM that well.
4. Semester: C++
  - C++ without object oriented programming...
  - We were not allowed to use string classes. All strings were to be char arrays and use the C-style string handling.
  - We were not allowed to use Printf to format stuff, only cout.
  - Only command line apps. Semester: C# .NET
  - Teacher didnt like us using "advanced" features of the .NET libraries.
  - Required us to turn in binaries in addition to source so "he wouldnt have to compile all the turn ins". (Yes, he ran unknown binaries...)

So I have a less than stellar view of the CS teaching that goes on... My degree was in automations engineering but still, computer science is a major part of it.

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