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Submission + - How much time do you spend on yourself? 2

An anonymous reader writes: Hi Slashdot,

I'm a reasonably successful CTO. I have three kids, I work remotely for a startup, so I work out of my home office. I can't seem to get off my fat ass and work out; in the last two years that I've worked from home, I've stabilized at 60 pounds overweight, with no change in sight.

I don't 'have time' to go to the doctor, I don't 'have time' to exercise. I do have time to go to my kid's soccer games, take them to swim lessons, read a book, cook, clean the kitchen and garden. On the other hand, I'll likely die young from some physical problem related to being overweight and stressed.

I've started to take more notice of this as my physical health is declining: neck and shoulder problems from stress and hunching over the computer are starting to limit how much time I can spend at the desk.

What I want to know from those of you who have successful family lives: how much time do you spend on yourself per day and week? What do you do with it? What's your advice to me? Hit me slashdot, I'm ready..

Submission + - Suggestions for a Coax - Ethernet Solution? 2

watanabe writes: I just moved from a house with Cat5e wiring to a house with.. A whole bunch of coax cables. Like, my living room has five coax cables coming out of a hole in the wall. All of them go back up to my attic. The house is big, (and I like it, thank you), but I have realized that our digital usage pattern (media server + squeezeboxes + remote time machine backups to a linux box) will not work without wiring. I am currently bridging some old Linksys WRT54Gs to the right places, but of course, that slows everything down. This got me thinking: 100mb ethernet is four wires, yes? And I have four wires for every two coax cables. What about a two coax-head -> ethernet jack setup? Has anyone done this before? Searching online only gives me $100+ coaxethernet transceiver type boxes. At that price, a HomePNY system would make more sense. I'm willing to solder if I have to, but I first wanted to get advice and holes shot in my plan, if there are any.

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