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Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 250

To add to that... I've created a child account on my Windows 10 OS, my kids are using it and they watch Youtube videos tailored to their age. However, the ads running there don't match the content type most times, even though I've created a Google account for them alone, hoping that whatever algorithms Google uses would realize all watched content is kid-oriented.

Granted, the recommendations for videos do match the ones they watch, but the ads don't, so I added AdBlock plus and most inappropriate ads went away.

This is yet another example of why AdBlock is mandatory and that the reason for its existence is the ad industry being bad at what it does.

Comment Re:Let me be the first to exclaim... (Score 1) 250

All while I dared make and publish a review of Mafia III (not a professional review, just a bunch of game video captures with commentary) and I promptly got dinged by their algorithm for about 10 seconds of silence where "Somebody to Love" could be heard playing in the background, in-game.

A copyright owner using Content ID claimed some material in your video.

This is just a heads up
Don’t worry. You’re not in trouble and your account standing is not affected by this.

There are either ads running on your video, with the revenue going to the copyright owner, or the copyright owner is receiving stats about your video’s views.

Video title: Mafia III - 5 months later (Review)
Copyrighted content: Somebody To Love
Claimed by: SME

So... I work for a few hours, put together a review, expect my 50 cents of revenue (I don't have many subscribers or views anyway, it's more like a side hobby of mine) but noooo... because there's an excerpt of music in the background for 10 seconds, I shit you not, I checked. It's 10 seconds of song.

Comment Re: Huh? (Score 4, Insightful) 469

Um... no.
You send money abroad when you buy ANYTHING made in China or wherever.
You send money abroad when using any service which is at some point in its flow using any resources which are not internal to the country you live in.
Those immigrants sending money to their own countries should be VERY low in your priority list.

Your mobile phone, clothes, car, TV, even food, all of them read "money sent abroad" when you look at them. If anything, immigrants actually REDUCE those amounts indirectly through them paying taxes, renting homes locally, eating food locally, etc., although they're subjected to the same issues that you're facing (stuff they use also originates from abroad to some extent).

Comment Re:Unfortunately not that simple (Score 1) 301

Training can be easily included without having to inflate the books.
You're talking about service availability here, which is one part of the picture.
That major incident admin who only does actual work 3 days a year more than makes his salary worth if each of those 3 days saves the company 10M dollars in losses.

Comment Re: The first to quit are the good ones (Score 1) 301

That works in theory.
In practice, incompetent management accrued overstaffed teams and don't have enough work to be passed around. In order to protect themselves, managers don't implement such system and instead rely on BS to pretend they are understaffed (or at worst "at the level").
Those rough estimates get blown out of proportion, I've seen people put in dozens of hours for something really simple, which would take a non-expert 6 hours at most. their incompetent management would take those estimates and further inflate them, accounting for "documentation", "testing", "UAT" and other such activities, which were already included in the original estimate (which, as said before, were inflated anyway).

There's a joke about communist era from my country:

Romanian government imports a sow from the USSR government which was supposed to give birth to 30 piglets. They put it into a cooperative farm and after a while, due to bad food and improper care, it only gives birth to one piglet.
Its caretaker reports 5 piglets to the supervisor.
The supervisor reports 10 piglets to the farm director.
The farm director reports 20 piglets to the county prefect.
The county prefect reports 25 to the Minister.
The Minister reports 30 to the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister adds 1 and reports 31 to the dictator, to show him that we did better than the Soviets.
The Dictator, as a country-loving tyrant, decrees that 30 of them should go to the population as food and one should be exported.

Sadly, this attitude is visible at many large corporations, which act as dictatorships in all ways but name.

Comment Re: The first to quit are the good ones (Score 1) 301

If someone's "getting away" with 5 hours a week of work, that's because of incompetent management and/or poorly written/implemented procedures. It certainly has nothing to do with that specific employee.

One can cheat their way into not working only because they're allowed to. A simple work audit would point them out immediately. Also, you can do fuck-all from the office just as well, if management remains equally incompetent.

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