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Submission + - Anonymous releases 400 megs of FBI Contractor data (

An anonymous reader writes: Anonymous, as they have claimed they would, finally released 400 megabytes of files, allegedly stolen ManTech, a cyber security firm contracted by the FBI. Anonymous stated, 'The FBI is outsourcing cybersecurity to the tune of nearly $100 million to a Washington-area managed services company. The deal shows a willingness in the federal government to place IT services more and more in the hands of third parties as agencies don't have enough staff on hand to do the job.'

Submission + - Best Off-Road Smart Phone? 5

rueger writes: "I walk dogs for a living on the mountain trails above the North Shore of Vancouver. I rely on my smart phone for emergency contact, and use the GPS pretty constantly if I'm on unfamiliar trails. In general terms I like my Android smart-phone, and have fell in love with the platform. Problem is the cheapy Motorola Charm is a lousy phone with mediocre 3G reception, and GPS that can't always be relied upon unless you reboot regularly. That hasn't been an issue since the battery usually dies after five or six hours of use.

I'm opening a can of worms, but what's a good 3G Android phone with good reception in fringe areas, reliable GPS, and really good battery life? In other words, if you're heading for the woods, what's the tool that you rely on?

PS — don't like Apple products — 3 years with a Powerbook didn't convert me. And a good camera is a big plus."

Submission + - ASK: Self-hosted GMail alternatives? 1

linkedlinked writes: "I'm tired of building my sandcastles on Google's beachfront. I've moved off Docs, Plus, and Analytics, so now it's time to host my own email servers. What are the best self-host open-source email solutions available? I'm looking for "the full stack" — including a GMail-competitive web GUI — and don't mind getting my hands dirty to set it up. I leverage "most" of GMail's features, including multi-domain support and fetching from remote POP/IMAP servers. Bonus points: Since I'm a hobbyist, not a sysadmin, and I normally outsource my mail servers, what new security considerations do I need to make in managing these services?"

Submission + - MPEG LA says 12 parties have essential WebM patent ( 2

suraj.sun writes: MPEG LA says 12 parties have essential WebM patents:

The hopes that the VP8 codec at the heart of Google's open source WebM video standard would remain unchallenged in the patent arena are diminishing after the MPEG LA says 12 parties hold patents that its evaluators consider essential to the codec. The disclosure came in a recent interview with MPEG LA says that, in response to their call for essential patents in February, a number of parties submitted patents for evaluation and twelve of those parties' patents have been examined and found to be essential to VP8.

The parties involved are as yet unnamed and MPEG LA told patent analyst Florian Mueller that "confidentiality precludes [MPEG LA] from disclosing the identity of the owners". Mueller thinks it is likely that there is an overlap between the twelve companies and the members of the MPEG LA AVC/H.264 patent pool.


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