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Submission + - Miguel de Icaza's Quest to Help C# Developers Go iOS (

waderoush writes: "Miguel de Icaza started the GNOME project in the 1990s to bring a Windows-like desktop environment to Linux, then co-founded Ximian, which eventually became part of Novell. Now he thinks it’s time to give programmers stuck building ‘soul-sucking’ Windows desktop software a way to join the mobile era. His new startup Xamarin, co-founded with his Ximian co-founder Nat Friedman, helps developers who are versed in C# and the .NET framework build apps for the iOS and Android mobile operating systems. De Icaza admits that he long lived in an ‘anti-Apple bubble’ and says he ‘dismissed’ the iPhone when it first came out in 2007. But now he calls Microsoft ‘the third horse in a two-horse race.’ The upside for Windows developers, says de Icaza: C# and .NET offer a responsive, error-resistant architecture for mobile apps, and using Xamarin they can write and debug iOS and Android apps in Visual Studio."

Submission + - Bing is the Buggiest Search Engine (

waderoush writes: uTest, a Boston software QA crowdsourcing startup, is releasing the results of its first 'Search Engine Bug Battle' on Tuesday, and Microsoft's Bing didn't fare well. Xconomy, which got an early look at the data, is reporting that participants in uTest's contest found some 321 bugs while testing Bing, and categorized 60 percent of them as either 'high severity' issues or 'showstoppers' in need of immediate attention. That was more bugs than the testers found in Google, Yahoo, and Google's experimental Caffeine search engine combined. On the up side for Microsoft, the testers ranked Bing ahead of Yahoo when it came to accuracy, relevance, and speed.

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