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Comment Re:As a C programmer (Score 3, Interesting) 315

People struggle with pretty much every language, it's just that the bugs are different in each.

Sure, but I would argue some languages are dominating strategies over others. There are bugs which simply don't exist in some languages but do in others. Like null pointers or references do not exist in OCaml (instead, you must use the optional type explicitly).

Comment Why doesn't he discuss the merits of SaaS? (Score 0) 319

I very much agree that SaaS is yet another strategic approach to controlling information and the software used to gather it. But it's hard to completely throw away such a useful abstraction. From a pragmatic view, SaaS is a convenient separation of concerns applied to both infrastructure and software.

Perhaps I missed it, but does RMS actually supply a solution to problems solved by SaaS? I noticed a few already in the threads here, but this basically characterizes most choices:

1. A completely decentralized approach, where everyone shares the software and information equally.

2. Every SaaS must run and share opensource code, as well as somehow opening sourcing the content (safely) as well.

3. Assume the worst about all endpoints, eventually empirically and/or contractually trust certain ones in a white list.

Comment caffeine preferences, order by intensity (Score 1) 283

In ascending order of caffeine intensity, here are my preferences.

Green Ice Tea
Black Ice Tea
Iced Yerba Mate
Iced Coffee (cold brewed, to reduce toxicity)
Iced Red Eye (coffee with 1 shot of espresso) **** my personal favorite.
Iced Black Eye (coffee with 2 shots of espresso)

Iced Black Eye's puts me in a jittery state but sometimes I order them for the flavor. I once ordered this drink with a black eye was awkward.

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