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Comment Re:I have perfect codex... (Score 1, Troll) 567

Except that most of the compression gained from mp3 is gained by removing frequencies we can't hear anyway

False. All you need to know to know that this is bullshit is to consider what happens if you have two point sources radiating the same signal. At some points the signal is doubled. At some point the signal is cancelled. Those frequencies you can't hear overlap with other frequencies you can't hear and with frequencies that you can hear and the sound is changed. That's why analog will always sound better than digital... for one generation, anyway. Obviously there are drawbacks to analog which have pushed us to digital. It doesn't mean you can just forget about the analog world, where we live.

Comment Re:Looking into the future... (Score 2, Funny) 105

Oh, crud. I'm a Winni-the-Pooh geek. Alright, it won't be pretty, but let's just get this over with. I'll do my best on the snarky, elitist fanboi tone, but I can't guarantee the results.

Sorry, n00b. Pooh Bear didn't get stuck in the hive when he was trying to get honey from the hive. First, the branch broke, then he used a balloon to disguise himself as a rain cloud. When none of that worked, and he concluded they were the wrong sorts of bees, went to Rabbit's house, invited himself to lunch, and gorged himself on honey. Then he got stuck in Rabbit's front entrance, and they had to wait for him to get thin again. When he finally budged, they all pulled on him until he popped out of the hole, launching him into the honey tree. That's when he plugged the bees' hole (and again gorged himself on their honey).


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