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Comment not surprising, yet amoral (Score 1) 172

full disclosure: I don't even ask for co-workers to fund my kids fund raisers, as that's an imposition on the workplace. 'Specially as I'm a manager. As the *employer* is making the ask, this isn't ethical. The bit about making this easy to do via your paycheck means that HR can, and likely does, see who contributes. The paycheck deduction makes this really, really 'wrong.' I'd actually be ~ok with the 'please consider contributing,' but not not part of the payroll process. Fuller disclosure : if I needed the job, I'd say f the mores and principles, and probably check the box and contribute. Enough to show support. While I quietly looked for other employment. --- off topic ish: that Disney's policies replace resident workers in the country where Disney makes its home, and reaps benefits unavailable to them in a lot of countries, is amoral. And understandable. As corporations are driven to maximize profits, and CEOs , to have risen to where they are, a lot of times become disconnected from feeling. I'm betting that the same guy who replaced workers didn't think once about asking the remaining employees to spend their $ on a PAC.

Comment ROI and risk and strategy (Score 1) 141

This is the problem : invention, in the software space consists of all three of a) a clever idea b) implemented and used by the market c) purchased by the market so it makes, or supports making profit (or an exit). It's really hard to know where a) is going to come from, hard to get b) to happen, and c) depends on so many factors unrelated to a) and b) sales, macro market issues. Especially as there's no formula for creating good ideas, unlike there are formulas for b) (e.g agile) and c) P&L, it's 'understandable' that business owners (Ms. Mayer) looks at the contributions of a), over time, and sees expense, and nothing brought to the company. I speak from experience, having mananaged a 'fully funded by DARPA' team which was part of a public company. Because DARPA set the 'academic ish' problem criteria, and few of a) were transferred, and the research group didn't make *profit* the research team was sold off. Funding labs takes both high level sponsorship at a company as well as a company that takes the long view, AND has revenue to support. You all know who those are. Many many decades ago, that was Bell Labs. Now it's Google etc. This cut is isn't unexpected, and I'm surprised it took Ms. Mayer this long.

Comment simple: require Uber (progressive )snapshot (Score 1) 85

this is just easily solved by requiring uber to deploy the equivalent of progressive snapshot. Phones are unreliable given they can be tossed about, etc. and, noting, per other threads, that what makes for aggressive driving in the burbs is 'required' to get around in say NYC. My biggest gripe about uber is that when I complain, it sure seems that their helpdesk says 'they'll have a word with the driver,' when in fact, it's the uber corporate that is at fault. An uber snapshot would help better inform them.

Comment terrorist vs drug fears ; clock boy 2.0 (Score 1) 315

first, this wouldn't have been news if the 10 year old had ratted out his father for cooking meth. It was news because of the terrorist plus muslim terms being applied. all that said, whilst I agree that we are all becoming wimps, the risk adverse public folks (school, police) would rather be 'safe than sorry,' given that they'd be unemployable if they had info and didn't follow up. last, this does seem like a reprise of clock boy 2.0. Sniffs as far too convenient.

Comment Infect the rest of us? (Score 2) 206

I'm not slightly medically knowledgeable, but I'm wondering if this guy thought through that he could have infected the rest of us from stuff our bodies had no defenses? Like smallpox and the indigenous tribes in the Americas. I'm fine with him killing himself in the name of science (think Curie), but this strikes me as a little too cowboy.

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