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Comment Re:Not just social networks (Score 1) 270

I don't know about OP, but most of the utilities I get service from do not take credit cards. Instead, you can either mail them a check/money order, pay via EFT online from your checking account, or pay in person at a place that does Western Union. If I recall, the only one that'll take a credit card is Comcast... though my natural gas place might as well. I know the electric company and the water department don't accept credit cards at all. For excise tax and at the DMV, I have to pay with cash, check, or money order (they accept credit cards for licenses at the DMV, but not for titles, registrations, or sales tax). My landlord doesn't take credit cards either - he requires a check or cash. For online purchases, one can rely on picking up gift cards at a local brick and mortar or go without. Personally, I have a debit card attached to a checking account for such things with a limited amount held inside, but it's perfectly reasonable to go without one. Indeed, I don't have any credit cards, just that one debit card. Yes, it can be a pain getting cash out for purchases, but I find I spend less if I'm using actual money.

Comment Re:How test mode was triggered (Score 1) 618

Yeah, I seem to recall Navistar/International getting caught up with a similar issue with their Maxxforce engines. No urea/DEF in those things, but their emissions apparently weren't within spec either, with the other companies having the same concern you did -- what did they have that the others didn't. In their case, it turns out, the answer was, "nothing - they're just lying". Seems to be the case here too.

Comment Re:crash faster (Score 1) 563

I know that Lotus Notes causes this issue on my work computer. (Yes, yes, I know it's a horrible thing to run but I've no choice in the matter). Killing the Notes process always made it all work again. I'm not sure *what* it's doing, but I know that it's Lotus that's doing it. It's annoying as all get out, too.

Comment Re:Never going to happen (Score 1) 932

Bullocks. Truckers pay tax on diesel the same as anyone else buying diesel. The 'tax exempt only' prices are for off-road diesel (farm tractors, generators, refrigeration units and so-on). Trucking fuel tax is a bit more complicated though, as one must pay fuel tax to the states they operate in, not just in the state they purchased the fuel. Look up IFTA for more information.

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