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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: The Search for the Modern PDA

virgnarus writes: TL;DR: What are solid, comprehensive devices, apps, etc. for daily organizing/planning in a digital fashion? Bonus points for those involving handwriting.

The diagnosis: I, and others like me, have terrible memory. Daily tasks such as remembering conversations, scheduled events, etc., are plagued with difficulties from this unfortunate circumstance. We need constant reminders to refresh us on various activities and meetings, otherwise we are quickly distracted by the hectic hustle-n-bustle and the memories vanish.

The remedy: a digital organizer. Pen-and-paper has served well for a time, but when one's activities commonly rest on computers and other digital devices, it would be most relevant to incorporate daily planning and whatnot into the digital age as well.

That's where things have been rather awkward for me personally. PDAs have been surpassed by smartphones and tablets, items which unfortunately today are no longer advertised in their capacity to act as an auxiliary brain for someones daily routine — unlike their predecessors — but rather for entertainment functionality like media playback, and social components. So it's been fairly difficult to find a solution that is more akin to the Palm Pilots and other PDAs of yore then to a portable movie or mp3 player with internet.

I've also found that the search is more fragmented. Not only must you find the right tool, but now you have to search for the right app(s). Don't forget that many devices today no longer use a stylus, which to many individuals is still essential to quick note-taking. So now if that's the case then one has to look for a good reliable stylus as well.

I'm sure there's plenty others here at Slashdot that keep something at their side as a mental armor bearer, so what has been your trusty sidekick lately that you can recommend?

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