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Submission + - Boltzmann equation solved, the new way

xt writes: The Boltzmann equation is old news. What's news is that the 140 year old equation has been solved, using mathematical techniques from the fields of partial differential equations and harmonic analysis, some as new as five years old. This solution provides a new understanding of the effects due to grazing collisions, when neighboring molecules just glance off one another rather than collide head on. We may not understand the theory, but we'll sure love the applications!

Submission + - Dreamweaver CS5: back from the dead? (

Barence writes: A year or so ago PC Pro's Tom Arah created a mini-storm of controversy with his "I'm sorry but Dreamweaver is dying" blog in which he suggested that Dreamweaver's dominance is fading and that web designers starting out today would do better getting to grips with a content management systems (CMS). Amazingly, at the recent CS5 press launch, the Adobe evangelist demonstrating Dreamweaver CS5 began his talk by referring to that blog and, when he discovered that Tom was in the audience, suggested that he might want to "eat crow". In this follow-up blog, "Dreamweaver CS5: back from the dead?", Tom explains why he's now delighted to say that Adobe man was right... largely.

Submission + - Adobe demoes Flash running on Android Nexus One (

recoiledsnake writes: Adobe Evangelist Ryan Stewart has posted a video on Youtube that showcases a preview version of Flash running nicely on an Android Nexus on a variety of sampled sites on the Web. Streaming video of TV shows is demoed on the CBS and NHL web sites and a couple of games are shown running with the touch features working nicely. All the web pages and Flash content demoed are normal desktop oriented web pages and weren't optimized for mobiles. Coming on the heels of Android sales overtaking the iPhone and a possible anti-trust enquiry, will iPad and iPhone users that want Flash be able to opt-in for a Flash player App or will all of them be denied access to ubiquitous Flash content and video on the Web due to Jobs' mandate thus making the Appel devices even less desirable leading to more sales for Android phones and upcoming tablets?

Submission + - Microsoft to end support for Windows 2000, XP SP2 (

GMGruman writes: As of July 13, Microsoft will end its "extended" support for Windows 2000 and Windows XP SP2, meaning no more security updates or other direct support beyond keeping it knowledge base available. However, as J. Peter Bruzzese reports, there is a way to extend the support period for XP: upgrade (for free) to the SP3 version, whose "extended support" (security updates but no "regular" fixes) period runs through April 2014.

Submission + - Sydney Uni demonstrates Tbps internet (

schliz writes: Researchers have successfully demonstrated an optical chip that could yield terabit-per-second internet connectivity. The chip enables optical time division multiplexing (OTDM), cost less than $100 each to manufacture and could increase the efficiency and capacity of current FTTP networks by processing communications optically, rather than electrically.

Submission + - Windows 7 faster than Mac OS X on Apple hardware ( 2

G3ckoG33k writes: Phoronix has tested Windows 7 vs Ubuntu vs Mac OS, and made the conclusion "Microsoft Windows 7 x64 was significantly faster than Mac OS X 10.6.3 on Apple's very own hardware". Ubuntu came out in the middle. How much of a flamebait isn't that?! Is it time for yet another flamewar?

Submission + - AMD undercuts Intel with six-core Phenom IIs ( 1

EconolineCrush writes: As Slashdot readers are no doubt aware, Intel's latest "Gulftown" Core i7-980X is an absolute beast of a CPU. But its six cores don't come cheap; the 980X sells for over a grand, which is more than it would cost to build an entire system based on one of AMD's new six-core CPUs. The Phenom II X6 line starts at just $200 and includes a new Turbo capability that can opportunistically raise the clock speed of up to three cores when the others are idle. Although not as fast as the 980X, the the new X6s are quick enough to offer compelling value versus even like-priced Intel CPUs. And the kicker: the X6s will work in a good number of older Socket AM2+ and AM3 motherboards with only a BIOS update.

Submission + - What Google Editions means for ebooks (

Jason Davis writes: "The Google Editions annopuncement yesterday has the world of ebooks in a spin. Here are it's main repercussions:

Anything that encourages the ePub format, and brings it a step closer to being the accepted standard (hello, Amazon!?) is a good thing. GE will do that.

Another player in the market – especially one with the clout of the G-men – must encourage price competition.

Inter-device sharing is a VERY good thing. The less locked, DRM-laden devices and platforms the faster the takeup of ebooks in general – a very good thing. It also encourages more competiton, in hardware ebook software and the ebooks themselves.

If Google stand by their “open” stance on books, I wouldn’t expect DRM on these books, but they may be web-only. I think that would greatly diminish the power of the store. Although web-only books make sense for Google, since Chrome is very web-centric, and there are rumours of a Google tablet, which is a guaranteed Chrome device.

Don’t rule out those wily engineers from Mountain View coming up with some other way to allow reasonable cross-device sharing, but discourage rampant distribution of books. Some sort of built-in time-limit timebomb (like libraries use). I don’t know.I

Amazon can't swim against the ePub tide forever. If you own a Kindle, I’d say firmware update 2.8 or 3.0 will include ePub support."


Submission + - Apple to shut down Lala on May 31st (

dirk writes: "Apple will be closing the Lala music service as of May 31st. They will transfer any remaining money in user's account to iTunes, and will credit user's (via iTunes) for any web songs that were purchased. It's a real shame, as Lala was a much better music service, offering songs in straight MP3 format. Their web service was innovative and ahead of it's time. And they were one of the few places that would let you listen to an entire song to sample it (after 1 complete listen, you then could only hear a 30 second sample)."

Submission + - Minister says piracy is good for progress ( 1

mazevedo writes: Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and High Studies, Mariano Gago, says that "Piracy is a source of progress". Quoted by Spanish newspaper "El País", during a summit in Madrid, he says that the cultural industry should not look at piracy as an enemy, but as a source of progress and globalization. (In Portuguese) (in Spanish)

It's nice to see a politician with his eyes open!

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