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Comment Re:1366x768 (Score 1) 382

Thanks Neil there goes my mods now :P Putting the task bar at the side doesn't help much. What also doesn't help much is that most IDEs and other programs tend to stack things up high. If UI practices were to abandon this design pattern and stack UI elements side to side, and not have your (eg compile messages in the bottom take up a bunch of room) it would help. But still tall screens are just so much better. I just recently pulled out my old IBM x40 recently and I was looking at the screen in awe. It looks so pleasing with a screen so much closer to a square shape. The sad thing is I remember not being perfectly comfortable with it back then because of its low resolution. Back then I knew things were going south when shortly after getting the x40 the x60 came out, with a widescreen monitor. All this for.... movies. So you can watch some movies without black bars. Some, because a lot of them will still be the wrong aspect ratio. So whats the point? Why is it such a huge deal to have black bars on a movie? But sadly there are way more mindless consumers that only think about how great a monitor will be at watching movies than people who use it for real work. So for us only more expensive alternatives will remain for now. Later, maybe not even that.

Comment Re:Simpler method (Score 1) 134

That should depend on your type of tea. Some tea's like the lemon ones I can't have without sugar or its too bitter. Other ones like chai, I could not imagine drinking it with sugar ( but that depends on the brand too. The tim hortons ones are good with 2 bags and let it soak till its dark ).

But just experiment around. I'm sure you'll find a tea you like without any additives.

Comment Re:Idiotic plan (Score 1) 145

Well this I didn't expect. So you are not who I thought you were and I apologize. I thought you were on a high horse like many people seem like, meanwhile I think its more that you lost faith.

Im glad you replied. I was wrong and I was probably wrong about many other people too. In this country yes giving government more control would absolutely not help. (Actually I live in Canada but, its just a monkey see monkey do what USA does country, we do have medicare but for how long.... So everything that happens there affects us pretty much the same)

But there are countries that do very well for the people with tight government control. I don't know how long they will last in that good state, time will tell. I have always believed in a hybrid system. Capitalism works, but it needs heavy (non-corrupt) government control. The government control is supposed to be there to prevent the elites from taking over too much. Thats why a government monopoly is needed where monopolies easily can develop or there is a significant public interest (telecom, healthcare, food,education). Free education maximizes the productivity in a country. Free education filters who gets to further education based on performance, not whos daddy can pay the most money. This in turn churns out more productive educated people, instead of selecting people for education from a much smaller set (those can afford it) we choose from everyone. Kinda like why China can come up with good athletes. Not hard when you can choose from 3 billion, but if they only took those that can pony up $100k, chances of finding someone exceptional would be much less. In a lot of european countries cities lay telco cables and corporations all have equal access, competition! In Canada we have total oligopolies. Government says hey, you can get cable from these companies, but in reality you can get only from one, where your geographic location decides who owns you.

I still believe in big government. It is FAR form what I see here. Tons of control, but its not for the benefit of the people. An uncorrupt socialist government in a capitalist world could make a good difference, but people are too afraid of it. And maybe they are right. There is a lot to loose still, it could still be a lot worse than it is.

Really sorry about your wife too. I heard of people with similar problems (but other illnesses) getting the medication from mexico/canada/cuba. Might not be legal, but some laws are really just meant to be broken. Had similar issues in canada (and insanely certain provinces in canada where others would provide)

The resource problem is also a real issue. Buying all this throw-away chinese crap is not helping (china can also make good quality stuff, it just seems like we dont want to buy it). I do miss the times when things were "fixed". Now car-mechanics became parts swappers, and its easier to buy a fridge/washingmachine/AC etc. than to get one fixed. Im still in university so I'm not that old, but even for me it's very noticable how disposable everything is. Not a good thing at all.

So yea, the world is very messed up. Part of why I am also thinking of moving. I mean those black friday shoppers. Look at them. Now imagine them wanting a candy bar when resource scarcity kicks in and we live on food tickets. Yea... Not pretty.

And I didn't mean that we dont need people that work. I am just fed up with the people who are like, if I did it they could too, and if they didn't its because they are lazy mentality.

That quote kinda makes sense too. But government does not have to be corrupt. That is what type of government control I meant. One for the people by the people. Capitalism is fine as long as such a government exists to watch out for the people and step in. Whats happening here in the north A. is that government no longer functions for the people, its paid off. Maybe this is the reason why people fear more control. One thing for sure is eventually we will have a major reform with some new type of gov. Wathever that is im sure human greed and stupidity will eventually fuck it up. But if that eventuality can last a generation or two, then at least we dont have to live like multinational drifters :P

Anyways Im rambling on like an ADD person (maybe i am?). I hope the best for you and your wife. It's not easy for sure. Me being in university I understand the kid in college part too. Saw a comic not too long ago. Kid goes home carrying a giant bag saying debt on his back. His father yells out: "In my time after school we started from nothing but we made it on our own and didn't move back home. Grow up!" Kid: "I wish I could start from nothing...." Made me laugh. Even my hopes are after finishing (last year hopefully) to stay home a year or two to pay off everything. That is if I find a job.... There are problems in the world. There are a lot of protesters too. But the fact that a lot of them just loot and destroy the first chance they get doesn't help their cause at all. Eventually things will have to change. It's up to the people to decide how far they let things go.

Comment Re:Idiotic plan (Score 1) 145

You are exactly whats wrong with this world. Makes me sick. Maybe if you loose your job and get sick, your tone of voice will change. Im from Europe and I had enough of people like you. OOOooh Im not paying for you, sir, you BUM. (btw Im not a bum)
Maybe you should pull your head out of your ass sometimes. Im actually thinking of moving back to some European countries where taxes are way more than double here. Why? Free education, free healthcare etc.etc. Well free is not really free, I should call it paid by the population for the population. Yes I will be paying for someone elses kid to go to school, go to hospitals, etc. But then when I have kids then it's my kids turn. One for all and all for one. A True nation. I dont think I can call the USA that anymore. Its one for one owns egoistic needs. In a real country EVERYBODY benefits from it.
And guess what. We dont need people like you who think they are entitled to everything because they worked for it. You have no compassion, I could barely call you a human being. Go crawl into a hole and stay there, really. It's ok. I have seen how this world works. When its your turn to beggar, I hope you keep your attitude and pride and don't take from other beggars.
You are the kind of person who would deny a sick childs hospital stay so they you can spend some extra bucks on eating out or wathever it is that you do. Pathetic.
Lol this is the first time I wrote such a negative comment on /. but you sir deserve it...

Comment Re:Disincentive? (Score 2) 234

This is all backwards logic.

Ok if they brick the stolen phone, then whoever was to buy/use the stolen phone now has to buy a used one, or buy one from telco. And there is one less phone in the market.

If the phone is not bricked, the original owner must buy a phone either used or new from telco. There is one more phone in the market.

I would think they would prefer the one less phone in the market. And neither guarantees a sale as in either case a used phone could be bought. So doing either is really pointless, but one is decreasing the available number of phones and hence increases demand. So The ethical choice is actually better for telcos.

Comment Re:Once Again... (Score 1) 815

Yes I know. Bottled water is evil blah blah blah...
Where I live (in Canada) we get our drinking water from this wonderful lake that a paper mill dumped pcb's into in the 70s. There are still signs up that you should not wade in the water lest you stir up the pcbs in the deposits. Fish can still not be eaten from this lake.
Filtering such organic compounds is extremely difficult from water, and I highly doubt is being done with the massive water production we have here. So tap water? no thanks.
ALSO stupid people always complain about the waste bottled water creates. Well Its not my fault. I buy mostly water in glass bottles, and there is nowhere to recycle them. When I lived in Europe you paid deposit on such bottles (here too in reality just never get it back) then you would return them to get your deposit back . They would in turn wash the bottles (just like beer bottles in north america) and put them on the shelves again.
Glass bottles are efficiently and practically infinitely recyclable (compared to plastic that has to be melted down every time and has a limited number of times it can do that even for some type) so yea.
The problem is not buying bottled water. The problem is that in NA they are not being recycled properly. For me as a consumer, I'd be glad to have cheaper bottled water (because I'd get a refund on the bottle, what I can't do now).
Also the bottled waters I buy is not bottled tap water by nestle, cocacola etc, that is utter crap (eg. dasani, aquafina, etc...) And glass bottles are better for you. My friend in chemistry just did a study on plastic vs glass water bottles. The amount of chemical seepage in plastic bottles is scary, especially once the water has stayed in the bottle for a couple of months.

Comment Re:Training those reflexes.. (Score 1) 171

Nice. Back a couple years ago I was a crazy gamer spending uncountable hours on it. At the time it was battle field 2. I drove my ex-gf to Future Shop for some reason and the sun was setting behind an apartment building near the store. It was a very battlefield 2 like scenery and there were people on the roof of the apartment.
My first thought was OMG SNIPERS! I should hide behind the car. Then I realized they were roofers. Kinda scared me. I guess your mind can play tricks on you. It is true. At one point you can practically start living a game, where your mind is there 24/7.

Comment Re:Oh, it's clear something has to change! (Score 1) 284

Debian stable is horribly outdated.

You should try debian testing (7.0). I switched to it after the unity mess. Its very easy to install, almost as easy as ubuntu, and the testing repo is reasonably up to date. No problems at all other than having to get intel firmwares for my wifi (which was done through the repo, no hunting for files on the net).

I'm switching any friends that require help and it's easy for them too. The package manager is the same too (synaptic, aptitude, apt-get) so they don't even notice the difference (there is not much).

You can also always add the debian repos of chrome or firefox to always get the latest. Its just one extra line in sources.list.

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