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The Internet

Multiple Experts Try Defining "Cloud Computing" 117

jg21 writes "Even though IBM's Irving Wladawsky Berger reports a leading analyst as having said recently that 'There is a clear consensus that there is no real consensus on what cloud computing is,' here are no fewer than twenty attempts at a definition of the infrastructural paradigm shift that is sweeping across the Enterprise IT world — some of them really quite good. From the article: 'Cloud computing is...the user-friendly version of grid computing.' (Trevor Doerksen) and 'Cloud computing really is accessing resources and services needed to perform functions with dynamically changing needs. An application or service developer requests access from the cloud rather than a specific endpoint or named resource.' (Kevin Hartig)"

Firefox 3.0.1 Fixes 'Carpet Bombing' Issue 168

An anonymous reader writes "Firefox 3.0.1 was released today. It fixes 3 security vulnerabilities, including a critical issue reported by Billy Rios, Ben Turner, and Dan Veditz. The issue could be combined with an issue in Apple's Safari browser to read data from the user's disk or to execute arbitrary code. This issue was previously discussed on Slashdot. The release also fixes a remote code execution bug involving the CSS reference counter, reported by the Zero-Day Initiative (previously discussed on Slashdot here), as well as a Mac-only potential code execution bug involving GIF image rendering, reported by Drew Yao of Apple Product Security."

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