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Comment Re:the myth of independent US industrialization (Score 1) 168

I do not think it is hard for a country like the USA to provide insurance for the education of its citizens. It is the least you should demand from your government (if not something like a reasonable job security). In fact, you should be able to obtain some form of compensation from your employers too, if they can fire people like the way they do.

Don't think India is not doing anything for its poor. We have a huge welfare state and a very vibrate left-wing section in politics. Moreover, the media is extremely free. And guess what, we are a democracy. People do vote for the policies that they want. All the political parties know well that they cannot alienate the majority of the people.

India is not like China. For one thing, we speak English. That's why we are getting call centres right :) You would not find any prejudice here, especially in cosmopolitan cities like Bangalore. The culture of India is historically very tolerant. We have 25 official languages in India, so we guys end up speaking with each other in English. In fact, I hardly know any Hindi (it is not my mother tongue)

We don't yet have any jobs that can interest American intelligentia. It is mostly mundane work that gets outsourced to India. But there are a few good positions, even research positions.

In India, the government actively encourages IT industry with free land grants, less taxes etc. I think the US government should offer similar incentives to the US industry - especially to offset for the high prices of real estate etc. You people should fight for the right kind of policies. USA has always had a competitive edge with respect to a high profile industry such as software. It is difficult to lose it. But we cannot be sure !!

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