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Submission + - Another Secret UNFAIR Free Trade Deal? Massive H-1

user_ecs writes: Another Secret UNFAIR Free Trade Deal? Massive H-1B Visa increases

by BobOak
Sun May 13, 2007 at 01:53:31 PM PDT

While we all are examining this new Trade Deal and thankfully Public Citizen is analyzing, yet another Corporate cheap labor agenda item is potentially about to be passed, brokered in back room deals and going unnoticed.

The bill, S.1348 : A bill to provide for comprehensive immigration reform and for other purposes. From the congressional record:The text of S.1348 has not yet been received from GPO. In other words, the bill is not available to the public for review.

Yet the renamed S.1348 is supposedly S.2611, the "comprehensive" immigration reform bill that has massive H-1B Visa increases, yet even more guest worker Visas and even a method to turn our University system into a glorified green card machine.

The text is not even presented to the public, yet this is supposedly the Senate business of May 14th, which is tomorrow!!!!. /789

Comment Re:What are the facts of the case? (Score 0) 107

"It is directly against Phoenix's policy to create BIOS that would lock customers into any single OS. It has never been or will it ever be Phoenix's intention to lock a customer into a particular OS." -Gaurav Banga, CTO & SVP of Engineering at Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
That MIGHT be Phoenix's policy but it CERTAINLY is NOT Microsoft's policy. Microsoft will attempt to get Phoenix to add features to make switching OSes harder. Microsoft's makes billions in extra profits through its monopoly. Also Phoenix and Toshiba have no real $ incentive to fight back and very HUGE $$$ incentive to help Microsoft. If it is the money or the principle, they will take the money.

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