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Submission + - IPv6-handling flaw found in Windows 7 (

unixisc writes: I don't see how MS can claim that exploiting the vulnerability requires local network access, when the very nature of IPv6 will give everybody a globally routeable access, which would be reachable anyway. If they have the fix, it needs to be made available, since in IPv6, every node would have to be secured with an appropriate firewall and malware.

Submission + - AT&T plans for all networks to be on IPv6 by 2 (

unixisc writes: US NETWORK OPERATOR AT&T believes that by 2020 most networks should have completely moved onto IPv6.
AT&T, like all major network providers, has been banging on about IPv6 for many years but with the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses earlier this year the looming change over was brought into sharp focus. The plan in the short term is to run 'dual stack' networks, meaning running the current IPv4 network and the next generation IPv6 network side-by-side, however according to a report by AT&T that will only continue until 2020.

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