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1928 Time Traveler Caught On Film? 685

Many of you have submitted a story about Irish filmmaker George Clarke, who claims to have found a person using a cellphone in the "unused footage" section of the DVD The Circus, a Charlie Chaplin movie filmed in 1928. To me the bigger mystery is how someone who appears to be the offspring of Ram-Man and The Penguin got into a movie in the first place, especially if they were talking to a little metal box on set. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Comment My lawyer girlfriend says.... (Score 1) 390

1) she not certified to practice law in Indiana, but does practice employment law. 2) These are the obvious questions any lawyer would tell you to ask yourself: Do you have a written employment agreement? Read it now. Are you an "at will employee" (terminable at any time for any reason) or employee terminable only for "good cause" or on some kind of fixed term contract or what? 3) This is not really a "legal" matter, this is really a "does your employer want to keep" you matter. Unless you work for government or have some other intricately regulatior bound process, in that case call your union represntative and your lawyer right now ($$$$). 4) It all depends on whether your employer likes you. If you can only be terminated for good caues and your employer likes you, throwing significant resources at this including hiring an atterney to subeana everything from the domain name register is reasonable. On the other extreme if your employer doesn't like you and you are and "at will employee" then, well, they reasonable suspect you of a faud and do you really think you can put anything togeather that will get rid of that reasonable suspicion? Only you know your financial resources and how much your employer likes you and what the terms of you contract are. Practical advice: 1) Tell the employer you don't own the domain. 2) Tell the employer that ICANN thinks you own the domain, and you are willing to empower your employer to take down the domain. 3) If you and/or employer can't convince ICANN you own the domain, then you have evidence to your employer that you don't own the domain.!

New Linux Petabyte-Scale Distributed File System 132

An anonymous reader writes "A recent addition to Linux's impressive selection of file systems is Ceph, a distributed file system that incorporates replication and fault tolerance while maintaining POSIX compatibility. Explore the architecture of Ceph and learn how it provides fault tolerance and simplifies the management of massive amounts of data."

Should Kids Be Bribed To Do Well In School? 706

theodp writes "Harvard economist Roland Fryer Jr. did something education researchers almost never do: he ran a randomized experiment in hundreds of classrooms in Chicago, Dallas, Washington, and New York to help answer a controversial question: Should Kids Be Bribed to Do Well in School? He used mostly private money to pay 18,000 kids a total of $6.3 million and brought in a team of researchers to help him analyze the effects. He got death threats, but he carried on. His findings? If incentives are designed wisely, it appears, payments can indeed boost kids' performance as much as or more than many other reforms you've heard about before — and for a fraction of the cost."

Endangered Species Condoms 61

The Center for Biological Diversity wants to help put a polar bear in your pants with their endangered species condom campaign. They hope that giving away 100,000 free Endangered Species Condoms across the country will highlight how unsustainable human population growth is driving species to extinction, and instill the sexual prowess of the coquí guajón rock frog, nature's most passionate lover, in the condom users. From the article: "To help people understand the impact of overpopulation on other species, and to give them a chance to take action in their own lives, the Center is distributing free packets of Endangered Species Condoms depicting six separate species: the polar bear, snail darter, spotted owl, American burying beetle, jaguar, and coquí guajón rock frog."

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