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The Courts

Submission + - Nesson's Dangerous Tactics Evoke Judge's Ire (

eldavojohn writes: "With the Jammie Thomas trial in the spotlight, the Joel Tenenbaum case has been overlooked. Tenenbaum is another of Charlie Nesson's fronts against the RIAA and Nesson has recently been toeing the line with the judge. And the judge has had it. Ars repots that Nesson 'has taken to recording every phone call and conversation he can, despite repeated instructions not to do so. He has then posted those recordings publicly. He (in)famously posted his private e-mails with other copyright experts, all of whom disagreed with Nesson's view that P2P file-sharing was fair use. And--this is perhaps the pièce de résistance--Nesson's team then uploaded every song at issue in the case to an online storage locker... and Nesson posted the details on his blog.' The judge's response was 'The Court's indulgence is at an end. Too often, as described below, the important issues in this case have been overshadowed by the tactics of defense counsel: taping opposing counsel without permission (and in violation of the law), posting recordings of court communications and emails with potential experts (who have rejected the positions counsel asserts) on the Internet, and now allegedly replicating the acts that are the subject of this lawsuit, namely uploading the copyrighted songs that the Defendant is accused of file-sharing.' This is the same trial that was attempted to be streamed. That's a dangerous game you play, Charles."

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