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Submission + - Norwegian researchers have patented GaAs nanowires grown on graphene (

ulski writes: The researchers suggests that their new method of growing semiconductor nanowires on graphene might change the semiconductor industry. They mention that an equivalent silicone based semiconductor is 100 times thicker. There's also an article in Norwegian here

Comment Re:Drop the confusing pictures (Score 1) 713

as I said, the problem is that it is hard to come up with good pictograms that last over time. The floppy symbol made perfect sense when we used floppies. In order to create a ever lasting pictogram for "save", you could for instance create a symbol of an old heavy bank safe door? Or you could go for the red circle that means record on my old vcr (recording is also a way of saving data).

Comment Re:Drop the confusing pictures (Score 2) 713

there was a similar discussion regarding roadsigns there in Norway (or perhaps it was Denmark ). The discussion was about whether to upgrade the the old "beware of train" road sign (a pictogram with a steam locomotive). The logic was the same as with the floppy icon - why have a pictogram mimicking an object that is no longer in use? Creating good long lasting pictograms is not an easy task. Recently they tried to create a pictogram meaning "this is a toll road where you automatically get a bill in the mail, do NOT stop" (a camera takes a photo of your licenses plate, you do not need to slow down and cause traffic jams). The pictogram they came up with, was so weird that is looks like some sort of scary warning and the result is opposite - people stop and wonder what is this all about.

Comment Re:Purpose? (Score 1) 151

an increasing number airports/hotels etc. offers "free" wifi as part of the ticket or hotel room. This means that when you are traveling, you could call home for free using Skype or other voip software using your wifi enabled smart phone/laptop/tablet.

Comment Re:How cool. (Score 1) 402

This audio system and external speakers uses extra electricity. I hope they have though about designing it to automatically switch itself of at higher speeds (tire and wind noise would be sufficient as a warning sound at higher speeds anyway) You would only want to switch on the sound system when the car is driving slowly (in a parking lot )

Comment Re:directions? (Score 1) 166

if you want to you could try out TomToms online map. The map itself looks a bit odd ( I think it might be the colors or the fonts used) but the one feature that I like, is the traffic reports. I did a test search for you. The link is here: I'm not sure if I found the streets you mentioned.

Comment Re:Remember how they file their taxes (Score 1) 176

no - you can't trust that they do it right. A couple of years ago the Norwegian tax office somehow managed to count part of my income twice. I couldn't figure out how they got these income number - the numbers did not match any numbers I had. I got help from an accountant - he even helped me write a letter to the tax office. In the end his help saved me a lot of money.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 671

You could ssh into a "always on" computer at home - (you start putty from a usb stick). Or you could buy a 2.5inch harddrive and switch between the corporate 2.5inch drive and your private one. In some laptops it is fairly easy to swap drives like that. Or you could boot from a usb stick or usb harddrive, but that will only work if the bios is not locked to only boot from the internal harddrive. My guess is that that last option would be the best choice

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