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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Motherboard manufacturer refuses to support Linux 2

Noodlenose writes: "In a post on Ubuntuforums, a user describes how his new Foxconn motherboard caused his Linux install to freeze and fire off weird Kernel errors. After disassembling the bios it turns out that a faulty DSDT table is responsible for the errors. Even though the user makes Foxconn aware of the problem, they refuse to correct it, as 'it doesn't support Linux', and is only 'Microsoft certified'."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Is Foxconn deliberatley sabotaging Linux? ( 3

Anonymous Coward writes: "A user on the Ubuntu forums posted a thread questioning the practices of the hardware manufacturer, Foxconn. From the Thread:
"I disassembled my BIOS to have a look around, and while I won't post the results here,I'll tell you what I did find.
They have several different tables, a group for Windws XP and Vista, a group for 2000, a group for NT, Me, 95, 98, etc. that just errors out, and one for LINUX. The one for Linux points to a badly written table that does not correspond to the board's ACPI implementation."
The worst part is Foxconn's insistence that the product is ACPI compliant because their tables passed to Windows work, and that Microsoft gave the the magic WHQL certification."


Debian Maintainer Hints At September Release for Lenny 117

nerdyH writes "The Debian project's maintainer, Luke Claes, announced in an email Saturday that he will freeze the 'testing' or 'Lenny' tree, in preparation for a new stable release of Debian Linux in ... September! The freeze means that open source software developers have only a couple more days to package any applications that they want to be included in the next release of Debian — and by extension, in the inner sanctum source lists of distributions such as Ubuntu that are based on it. After the freeze starts next week, Debian maintainers will turn their attention to 364 release-critical bugs, and half-a-dozen high-priority goals. Given the work to be done, is September really feasible? Lenny always was a little slow getting back to his right place ..."

Submission + - Mathematical error in windows explorer

LiquidNitrogen writes: A few months back I have found and blogged about mathematical bug/refresh issue in Windows explorer in Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit edition. It seems that at times Windows Vista may show the file size in negative and on refreshing the explorer view the file size keeps doubling. I have not yet tested the issue programmatically but these nagging issue may be rated as an annoyance to highly critical bug if there is a dependency on the file size directly or indirectly.

Submission + - NASA posts ancient FORTRAN code, buffs up data

chicomarxbro writes: "A Y2K error discovered by blogger Steve McIntyre in August forced NASA's climate chief James Hansen revise temperature data showing 1934 was actually the hottest year on record, not 1998 as previously announced. This spurred renewed calls for NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) to publicly release their historical FORTRAN code which powered the global temperature analyses. Still used today, the code has a lineage going back to the 70's. NASA finally agreed and published the code but not before making an unannounced change to the raw temperature data which bundled with the code. NASA's change to raw data collating methods. which hadn't been modified in over a decade, resulted in 1998 being put back in first place next to 1934. Some bloggers have called this stealthy revision of the raw data an "Enron like accounting game""

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