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Submission + - Rybka solves the King's Gambit chess opening (

smarq2 writes: "Chessbase reports that chess programmer IM Vasik Rajlich has solved the King's Gambit chess opening with technical means. 3000 processor cores, running for over four months, exhaustively analysed all lines that follow after 1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 and came to some extraordinary conclusions."

Submission + - BBC News - Coke and Pepsi alter recipe to avoid cancer warning (

Aryden writes: Coke and Pepsi alter recipe to avoid cancer warning

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo account for nearly 90% of the US fizzy drink market
Coca-Cola and Pepsi are changing the recipes for their drinks to avoid being legally obliged to put a cancer warning label on the bottle.

The new recipe for caramel colouring in the drinks has less 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI) — a chemical which California has added to its list of carcinogens.

The change to the recipe has already been introduced in California but will be rolled out across the US.

Coca-Cola says there is no health risk to justify the change.

'No risk'
Spokeswoman Diana Garza-Ciarlante told the Associated Press news agency they wanted to ensure their products "would not be subject to the requirement of a scientifically unfounded warning".

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4-methylimidazole (4-MEI)

Formed naturally in the heating and browning process
Occurs in caramel colouring as well as some roasted and cooked foods
Can be in some cleaning, photographic and agricultural chemicals, dyes and pharmaceuticals
Exposure can be through consumption or during manufacturing process
Source: California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

The chemical has been linked to cancer in mice and rats, according to one study, but there is no evidence that it poses a health risk to humans, said the American Beverage Association, which represents the wider industry.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims a person would need to drink more than 1,000 cans of Coke or Pepsi a day to take in the same dose of the chemical that was given to the animals in the lab test.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo account for nearly 90% of the US fizzy drink market, according to one industry tracker, Beverage Digest.

The companies say changing their recipes across the whole of the US, not just in California, makes the drinks more efficient to manufacture.

In a statement Coca-Cola added that the manufacturing process across Europe would not change.

It said that apart from California "not one single regulatory agency around the world considers the exposure of the public to 4-MEI as present in caramels as an issue".


Submission + - Next XBox Has No Disk Drive (

jjp9999 writes: An unnamed source told MCV that the next XBox does not have a disk drive. This is significant for a few reasons. This could mean the end, not only for the used game market, but also for video game retail stores. The report states the new machines will ship with SD disk drive, and have an optional SSD, suggesting it will keep downloadable content over cloud-based gaming.

Submission + - Zynga sues Brazilian dev for copying its games ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: In what can only be described as a situation of the pot calling the kettle black, Zynga has launched and settled a lawsuit against Brazilian game developer Vostu resulting in the loss of jobs for many Vostu employees. How Zynga managed to carry out such actions while keeping a straight face remains to be seen.

Submission + - Efficient lasers can now be very, very small (

IndigoDarkwolf writes: Small lasers are important for telecommunications, optical media, and would be crucial to the development of optical computers. But with traditional laser designs, making tiny lasers means inputting a large amount of energy to create the lased light, among a host of other restrictions. Today, however, the Beeb is reporting a breakthrough in laser technology that will allow extremely tiny lasers with an equally tiny — perhaps even non-existent — energy threshold for lasing. Even better, this new laser technology works at room temperature in the optical frequencies used by telecommunications.

Submission + - Legends of Zork Goes Live 2

TinBromide writes: The developers over at Jolt Online Gaming have released Legends of Zork to the general public. Its a free, browser based MMO based on the world of Zork. You play as a Traveling Salesman, recently laid off from FrobozzCo. Start off in in a clearing where a white house has a boarded up door, from there? Who knows! Explore the world! fight other salesmen in PVP! Try out your Darkvision Goggles in the dark, just try not to get eaten by a grue. When you finish playing Return to Zork, fire up your browser and take Legends of Zork for a spin.
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RoadRunner Intercepting Domain Typos 337

shaunco writes "Sometime around midnight on February 26th (at least for the SoCal users), TimeWarner's RoadRunner service started intercepting failed DNS requests, redirecting them to RoadRunner's own search and advertising platform. To see if this has been enabled in your area, try visiting {some random string}.com in your Web browser. This feature subverts user preferences set within browsers, which allow the user to select which search engine receives their typos and invalid domains. RoadRunner users can disable this function — or they can just use OpenDNS. Here is an example RoadRunner results page.
The Internet

P2P Scammers' Lawyers Attack Open Source Team 157

An anonymous reader writes "Late last year a company affiliated with the French RIAA hijacked the domain name from the original, open source project's owner. They are passing off their own for-pay software, which violates the GPL, as the real thing. Now, having stolen the Shareaza project's identity, the scammers are threatening legal action to shut down the real open source team."

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